5 Report Examples

The reports They are documents in which data or news are reflected. These reports are used in the most diverse areas such as science, research, journalism or business. The format of the reports can be printed, digital and even audiovisual.

In addition, on certain occasions, they are not limited to reporting on a certain issue, but also establish objectives, persuasive elements (such as suggestions or advice) or even the conclusion of a certain investigation.

The parts of a report

  • Front page. The author’s data is detailed, in addition to the title of the report.
  • Index. The content of the report is listed, indicating the page it is on.
  • Introduction. The parts of the report and its total length are detailed.
  • Developing. It reflects and develops the topic addressed (it is the body of the report).
  • conclusion. The most important results are reviewed.
  • Bibliography. The material consulted for the preparation of the report is ordered alphabetically.

Report Examples

  1. Research. They offer the result and conclusions derived from an investigation. In these reports, the researcher must present them accurately and clearly to avoid any type of misunderstanding. They always include an introduction detailing the methodology used, the research objectives and the theoretical framework.
    These reports are intended to become sources of information for other researchers. For example: The influence of anime on young people.
  2. Climatological. Reports on the general weather conditions in a specific place and at a specific time. Air temperature, precipitation, extreme events and UV radiation indices are analyzed. In many cases, the results are presented in tables, graphs or maps. For example: Today’s weather.
  3. From reading. Typical of the academic field, these reports are argumentative or expository compositions based on the experience of reading a book. The student explains the content of the work, the aspects to highlight and the opinions about the content. In addition, a detail of the key elements is usually included, such as the characters, time, place and information about the author. The objective of these reports is not only to verify that the student read the book but that he understood it. For example: Book The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.
  4. Police. These reports are written by a police authority and they detail a fact or event related to a possible punishable act. They are the point of investigation for any type of investigation since they detail the event (when, where and how). They must be very rigorous, exact, impartial and exhaustive. For example: Report of extortion.
  5. Doctor. It is a written testimony drawn up by a doctor about the current health status of a patient, and which is made based on your request or that of a family member or person in charge, after having made a review, analysis or study. Some data that cannot be missing in a medical report are the date and place, the data of the patient and the doctor, the reason for consultation, with the clarification of whether or not it is an emergency. In addition, the doctor must describe the disease and the symptoms suffered by the patient, along with the definitive diagnosis. Nor can the limitations that the disease entails be lacking. For example: Medical report model.