15 Examples of Expository Text

A expositive text It is one that offers the reader detailed information regarding a specific topic in order to inform about particular facts, data or concepts.

The intention of the expository texts is to inform and, therefore, they are characterized by their objectivity, their circumscription to the subject they address and their specific share of information, without involving any opinion of the author and without the need to rely on arguments to convince the reader .

The expository text is a type of explanatory text, since to inform you must explain and develop the information in this regard.

The expository texts can be used in the scientific, educational, legal, social or journalistic fields.

Types of expository texts

The expository texts can be of two types, according to their audience:

  • Informative. They are aimed at a wide audience and address topics of general interest from a simple and democratic perspective, which does not require prior knowledge of the subject from the reader.
  • Specialized. They use a technical language aimed at those who are knowledgeable in the matter, which implies a high degree of difficulty for non-specialized readers on the subject.

Expository text examples

  1. Instructions for use

They are designed to inform quickly and objectively, without possible debate, on how to use an artifact or service. For instance:

To connect to the Wireless Network follow these steps:

– Enable your device and select the network called University.
– Wait to be redirected to a web page. It will not require passwords.
– Accept the terms of service and enter your email.
– Browse freely.

  1. Biographical Reviews

Like those that appear in books or records, they contain a summarized extract of the author’s career, naming awards, publications and career. For instance:

Gabriel Payares (London, 1982). Venezuelan writer, Bachelor of Arts and Master in Latin American Literature, as well as Creative Writing. He is the author of three books of stories: When the waters fell (Monte Ávila Editores, 2008), Hotel (PuntoCero Ediciones, 2012) and Lo irreparable (PuntoCero Ediciones, 2016). He has been awarded nationally and internationally as a short story writer and currently resides in Buenos Aires.

  1. Pharmacological descriptions

The drug leaflets detail the content and how to use the drug. They do not give rise to interpretations, but are clear, direct and objective. For instance:

IBUPROFEN. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Indicated for the treatment of painful conditions, with significant inflammation, such as mild rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis or musculoskeletal ailments. Indicated for moderate pain in the postoperative period, dental pain, dysmenorrhea and headaches.

  1. Certain scientific texts

Some of them, like encyclopedia entries, are limited to reporting the status of a subject, displaying or compiling results, checking references, and so on. For instance:

A quasar or quasar is an astronomical source of energies of an electromagnetic order, including radio frequencies and visible light. Its name is an acronym for “Quasi-Stellar Radio Source” in English.

  1. Market lists

Apart from being very brief, they do not contain arguments but rather provide an objective list of products that you want to buy. For instance:

– Potato, onion, tomato.
– Wheat pasta.
– Pear (or apple) juice
– Cloths for the kitchen
– Cleaner
– Savory biscuits

  1. Bibliographies

They establish the relationship of the texts consulted in an investigation of any kind, according to an alphabetical criterion, without establishing judgments regarding what is detailed. For instance:

– Hernández Guzmán, N. (2009). Educational implications in the instrumental didactics of the Puerto Rican cuatro: Life and musical experiences of outstanding virtuous performers (Doctoral dissertation). Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus.

– Sharp, T. (2004). Choral music and print-on-demand. Choral Journal, 44 (8), 19-23.

  1. Legal texts

They contain specific legal regulations and their procedures, but not the opinion of those who nominated them or those who must adhere to them. For instance:

Argentine National Constitution – Article 50.

The deputies will last on their behalf for four years, and they are re-eligible; but the Chamber will be renewed by half each biennium; for which purpose those appointed for the first Legislature, after they meet, will draw a lottery for those who should leave in the first period.

  1. Information brochures

They usually contain health information, life advice or social content that leaves no room for debate or point of view. They are usually delivered in public institutions and fulfill an educational and informative role for citizens. For instance:

How can we avoid dengue?
The best way to combat dengue, chikungunya fever and the Zika virus is by preventing the reproduction of mosquitoes that transmit the disease, Aedes aegypti or “white feet”, eliminating wastewater and containers in which rain can stagnate. , since the insect requires immobile water for the growth of its larvae.

  1. Medical reports

They are objective reports of the patient’s medical process. They contain in detail the history of the patient and the procedures performed. They serve as input for medical decisions and opinions. For instance:


Patient: José Antonio Ramos Sucre

Age: 39

Symptoms: Persistent insomnia with frequent but brief minor psychotic episodes. Resistance to most class I natural sedatives and anxiolytics.

Procedure: A complete neurological evaluation is requested, the chronic use of drugs is suspended. “

  1. Textbooks

They offer their young readers specific, timely and objective information regarding, for example, mathematics or physics or factual knowledge of reality. For instance:

Biology I – Sequence 16

Do they feed on light or other organisms?

A closer look at the vegetation growing in the swampy areas shows how unsuspecting insects are trapped by a series of ‘harmless’ plants. These plants are called ‘carnivorous’ although in reality they should be called insectivorous plants (…).

  1. Postal addresses

They contain the specific location of the recipient, never opinions about him or evaluations about the content of the shipment. For instance:

CEMA University. Córdoba 400, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. CP.1428.

  1. Kitchen Recipes

They explain step by step how to make a culinary preparation, but they do not stop to ponder its subjective aspects, but rather to detail the procedure. For instance:

Tabbouleh or Tabbouleh

  • The burghul (wheat semolina) is placed in a container with water and left to soak for about 10 minutes.
  • The burghul is drained in a strainer and the remaining water is squeezed out with a spoon.
  • The burghul is placed together with the rest of the ingredients in a story and mixed well.
  • It is served as an aperitif, accompanied by fresh lettuce leaves. To stack the tabbouleh, or as an accompaniment to a main dish
  1. Content descriptions

They can be attached to food containers and detail their composition, nutrients and mode of use without trying to convince the customer to buy it or not. For instance:

Ingredients: Tomato, olive oil (15%), sugar, salt and garlic.

Nutritional information per 100 g

Energy value: 833 kJ / 201 kcal

  1. Transcripts of a speech

They reproduce what was said by a specific person in a given situation, without taking sides for or against her or what was said. For instance:

Speech by Carlos Fuentes upon receiving the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize

For ten years, Rómulo Gallegos lived in Mexico. It would be false to say that he lived in exile, because Mexico is the land of Venezuelans and Venezuela is the land of Mexicans.

Despots believe they get rid of free men through exile and sometimes murder. You only win witnesses who, like Banquo’s specter, steal your sleep forever (…)

  1. Contents of a menu

In a restaurant, for example, the content of the dishes and the way they are served are detailed to customers. For instance:

Green salad – $ 15
Lettuce salad with tomato, cheese, croutons, capers with house dressing.

Tropical salad – $ 25
Arugula and pineapple (pineapple) salad, corn kernels and apple pieces, garnished with olive oil and vinegar.