Examples of Reviews

A review It is a limited and concise text in which a recent event or work is criticized or examined, so that it becomes public knowledge. These texts are written by specialists in the field, who elaborate on the outstanding elements of the work, along with its virtues and defects. For example, a review of a book, a movie or an art exhibition.

Reviews reveal the content of a work and are divided into three parts:

  • Introduction. The work is presented, together with a brief description of its most important points.
  • Development. An evaluation and analysis of the work is made.
  • conclusion. The author’s position on the work is made known. For this, their opinion is related to the elements raised in the development.

These texts are usually published in the mass media and, as they express the position of the person who writes them, they are located within the genre of opinion.

Review elements

  • Author. Who he is, his background, trajectory, vision, style, influences.
  • Structure of the work. How it is organized and presented. For example, if it is a book, it must be detailed if it is divided into chapters; if it contains illustrations, graphics or photographs.
  • Content. What themes does the work develop, from what angle are they approached and what does its author contribute to them?
  • Style. What makes the work different from similar ones, what audience is it intended for and what use can it be made of it?
  • objective. What is the purpose of the work and if it achieves them. The author must convey whether or not he recommends the work and why.

Examples of reviews

  1. ‘Chernobyl’ ends without giving any respite: https://fueradeseries.com/critica-chernobyl-hbo-final-b1ccd50a7fef
  2. Photography in a state of emergency: https://edicticafoto.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/fotografia-en-estado-de-emergencia/
  3. Review of Parasite (2019): perfection made into a film: https://cinefilosfrustrados.com/critica-de-parasite-2019perfeccion-hecha-pelicula/#:~:text=La%20cinta%20es%20de%20un,delirantes% 20and% 20un% 20as much% 20perverse.
  4. The New Abnormal, the long-awaited return The Strokes has arrived: https://www.freim.tv/the-new-abnormal-el-esperado-regreso-the-strokes-ha-llegado/
  5. Jaroussky and Jérôme Ducros at LesArts: https://www.beckmesser.com/critica-recital-philippe-jaroussky-les-arts-caprice-dieux/