30 Examples of Neutral Salts

Salts are chemical compounds made up of cations and anions joined by ionic bonding. There are different types of neutral salts, depending on the cations and anions that form them and the chemical reactions from which they are obtained.

Neutral oxysalts are a type of salt that arises from the reaction of a base or hydroxide with an oxo acid or oxacid. For instance: calcium nitrate (Ca2NO3).

In the formation of a neutral oxisal, all the hydrogen ions of the oxacid are replaced by cations of the hydroxide and water is also formed in the reaction:

Neutral salts

According to Stock nomenclature, the oxysalts are named by putting the name of their anion in the following way: the ending of the name of the anion that corresponds to the oxoacid is changed (-oso or -ico) from which the salt comes, by the ending -ito or -ato, in that order. Then you put “of” and the name of the cation. For example: nitrtied calcium (Ca2NO3), the anion comes from nitric acidico (HNO3).

When the oxacid retains at least one of the hydrogens, an acid salt is obtained. For instance: sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), only one hydrogen ion of carbonic acid (H2CO3) by the sodium cation (Na+).

There are also binary salts or neutral hydracides. They are made up of a metal and a non-metal. They can be obtained by the reaction between a hydroxide and a hydric acid.

Neutral salts

According to the Stock nomenclature, they are named by putting the name of their anion in the form: the ending is changed -hydric of the anion corresponding to the hydracid by the termination aurochs. Then it is put “of” followed by the name of the cation. For instance: chloraurochs sodium (NaCl), the anion comes from chloric acidhydric (HCl).

Examples of neutral salts

  1. NaCl: Sodium chloride
  2. CaCl2: Calcium chloride
  3. Case4: Calcium sulfate
  4. KNO3: Potassium nitrate
  5. CaF2: Calcium fluoride
  6. MgSO4: Magnesium sulphate
  7. To the2(SW4)3: Aluminum sulfate
  8. Faith (NO3)3: Iron (III) nitrate
  9. AlCl3: Aluminum chloride
  10. K2S: Potassium sulfide
  11. CuCl: Copper (I) chloride
  12. FeCl2: Iron (II) chloride
  13. CaS: Calcium sulfide
  14. CrS: Chromium (II) sulfide
  15. Faith3N2: Iron (II) nitride
  16. Na3N: Sodium nitride
  17. B2S3: Boron sulfide
  18. CaBr2: Calcium bromide
  19. LiF: Lithium Fluoride
  20. (NH4)2SW4: Ammonium sulphate
  21. BaCl2: Barium chloride
  22. LiCl: Lithium chloride
  23. KCl: Potassium chloride
  24. AgCl: Silver chloride
  25. AuPO4: Gold (III) phosphate
  26. To the2(SW4)3: Aluminum sulfate
  27. Mg3(PO4)2: Magnesium phosphate
  28. Ca (ClO2)2: Calcium chlorite
  29. FeSO4: Iron (II) sulfate
  30. MgS: Magnesium sulfide