80 Examples of Trades and Professions

We know everything work in society It has the purpose of producing goods or offering services, in order to satisfy the requirements of the organized social group. But not everyone does it in the same way. There are different ways of working in society, each one with different remuneration and with different levels of formal and qualification requirements for its specific labor market. For example: carpenter, sculptor, lawyer, translator.

Among them are the trades and the Professions, whose fundamental difference lies in the degree of instruction necessary to be able to perform the job satisfactorily. Both are necessary in every society and deserve fair remuneration and social value.

What are the trades?

We speak of trades to refer to those work activities that are transmitted from one person to another through the training and direct experience, often inherited from generation to generation in the family, or taught in technical schools that also offer services or products to the community.

Trades are usually activities of manual cutting, artisanal or practical, that do not require prior academic or formal preparation, but rather depend on the expertise, skill or strength of the person who carries them out.

What are professions?

On the contrary, professions are spoken of to refer to occupations that require a specialized knowledge Taught through formal academic preparation, such as those offered at universities, professional academies, and college institutes.

To the people in charge of this type of work, which requires training High-level and therefore high ethical standards, control over the content of the work and ranks of their own organization, they are known as professionals and make up an important sector of society whose training consumes resources but generates specialized technological, academic or humanistic income.

The professional sectors are divided into:

  • University Professionals. Those who attend college for four or more years and earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • Middle technicians. Those who attend a Technical University Institute and obtain a technical degree.

Examples of trades

CarpenterDairyFruit platter
LocksmithCookChimney sweep
BuilderEditorStreet sweeper
Plumber or plumberWorkerBaker
House painterSellerFurrier
TailorDelivery manPrinter
Cattle shepherdCashierPolice
Chauffeur or driver

Examples of professions

ChemicalPolitical scientistNurse
Electrical technicianLibrarianParamedic
Sound technicianArchivologistMusician
AnthropologistTourism TechnicianEconomist