15 Examples of Advertising Texts

A Advertising text It is a text that seeks to convince the recipient to buy a product or service. For example: Drink Coca-Cola.

It is a resource used by the marketing industry to provide information about a product or service and, above all, encourage the public to purchase it.

The advertising text is usually accompanied by a graphic or audiovisual image that helps to capture the attention of the public. As Ronald Barthes said, “the advertising text anchors the image and gives it meaning and concrete meaning so that it can be understood correctly”.

These texts are also used to transmit values ​​with the aim of modifying social behaviors and raising awareness in society about certain issues.

How do you write an advertising copy?

To write effective advertising copy, it is important to:

  • Have a clear objective. What do you want to achieve with the text? For example: Increase the volume of sales of a product / Make the population aware of the risk of smoking.
  • Establish a target audience (PO). Who are you trying to convince? For example: Adolescents residing in Buenos Aires / Smokers.
  • Use resources. What figures of speech can beautify the text? For example: metaphor, hyperbole, euphemism, exhortations, synesthesia, rhymes, ironies.

Types of advertising texts

There are two types of advertising texts:

  • Descriptive argumentative advertising texts. They expose all the arguments to convince the target audience. They tend to be more descriptive since they indicate all the attributes of the product or service. These texts are used for new products that require information from the buyer.
  • Narrative advertising texts. They appeal to emotion and use narrative tools to tell a story that awakens the empathy of the audience. These texts are used to advertise products that are known or do not require much explanation.

Characteristics of advertising texts

  • Clarity. The clearer and more direct the message, the better the result and the less room for misinterpretation.
  • Image + text. An advertising text accompanies an image that supports, reinforces and complements the text.
  • Originality. An original text will attract the attention of the receiver, the first step to be able to persuade him to the act of purchase.
  • Slogan. Each brand contains a slogan, that is, a phrase that conveys the essence of the brand.

Examples of advertising texts

  • Bimbo

advertising - bimbo

In this Bimbo ad, the image highlights the idea that this bread is made with milk. In addition, there is a smaller text that informs the percentage of milk used for its preparation.

  • Atacama coffee

cafe - advertising texts

This Café Atacama ad seeks to position the brand as the coffee for breakfast. The text and the image point to a clear target audience and invite you to consume the coffee at a specific time (in the morning). It also refers to the accessible price, which indicates another data of the target audience: a middle-class target audience.

  • Coke

coca - advertising text

As Coca Cola is a very recognized brand, you do not need an explanatory text that details the properties of the drink. The text and the image seek to establish a market presence during the children’s winter holidays.

  • Mercedes Benz

advertising text - mercedes

This Mercedes Benz ad recalls a car model of the brand from 1936 and, for that, it tries to use a language similar to the one that was in style at that time.

  • Coat

ankle boots - robe

This notice is from the 1950s and uses more text than current notices. The imperative mood (Use them today) it is also characteristic of the notices of that time.

  • Pantene

pantene advertising

This Pantene ad uses the image to complement the text as it attempts to “control” the curls in a lion’s mane (which appears in place of a woman’s hair).

  • Fernet branca

white advertising

In this case, Fernet Branca uses in the text a rhetorical figure of comparison between the sun (which has no competition) with the fernet. The advertising copy aims to reinforce the brand’s slogan: Branca. Unique.

  • Nest

nest - advertising

In this ad, Nido, a well-known brand of powdered milk for children, reinforces its image with the explanation about the importance in the growth of children over 6 years old (limits the advertisement to a target audience over 6 years old) .

  • Chevrolet

publicidad chevrolet brava 13 min 1 e1520362682995

In this old advertisement, Chevrolet uses descriptive text that provides technical details about the pick-up’s body and amenities.

  • Peugeot

publicidad grafica antigua autos de peugeot 404 14 min e1520362781218

This advertising from the year 1967 recurs uses as a rhetorical figure the movement of the letters that simulate the movement of the smooth ride of the automobile that they advertise.