50 Examples of Words that start with ana-

The words starting with ana- they are not very frequent in Spanish. For example: Anagrama, Analizar, Anarich.

These words can be:

  • Nouns For example: Anaquel, Anana.
  • Adjectives For example: Anaatomic, Analogo.
  • Verbs For example: Anafear, Anaenrich.

Some of these words begin with the prefix ana-. This prefix comes from ancient Greek and has several meanings: “over”, “again”, “against” and “backwards”. For example: Anadiplosis, Anachronism, Anatook.

Examples of words beginning with ana-

  1. Pearly. Which has a color similar to mother-of-pearl.
  2. Cashew. Tree type.
  3. Anaconda. Type of snake.
  4. Anchorite. Religious person who is dedicated to meditation.
  5. Anachrony. Synonymous with timelessness.
  6. Anachronistic. Said about something that did not occur at the time it is said.
  7. Anachronism. Attribution of an event to one time, but what happened in another.
  8. Add. Type of bird.
  9. Anadiplosis. Figure of speech. Repetition.
  10. Anadromous. Fish that migrate from the sea to the river to spawn.
  11. Anaerobic. With little oxygen.
  12. Anaerobe. That it can live without oxygen.
  13. Cooktop. Portable stove.
  14. Anaphora. Word or phrase that refers to something already written or said.
  15. Anagnorisis. In literature, the moment in which a character realizes what his true identity is.
  16. Anagram. Word or phrase that is made up of the same letters as another word or phrase.
  17. Analepsis. Synonym of flashback.
  18. Illiteracy. Illiterate quality.
  19. Illiterate. Person who cannot read and write.
  20. Analgesic. That serves to not feel pain.
  21. Analysis. Exam.
  22. Analyst. Person who is dedicated to analyzing something.
  23. Analytical. Which is related to the analysis.
  24. Analyzer. Analyzing person.
  25. Analyze. Do an analysis on something.
  26. Analogy. Similarity between different things.
  27. Analogical. Which has an analogy with something else.
  28. Analogous. Synonymous with similar.
  29. Pineapple. Fruit.
  30. Shelf. Shelf in a closet.
  31. Orange. Which has a color similar to orange.
  32. Anarchy. Political movement that supposes the suppression of authority.
  33. Anarchist. Supporter of anarchy.
  34. Anarchize. Promote anarchy.
  35. Anastilosis. Reconstruction of a work of art.
  36. Anastrophe. Change of place of the words of a sentence.
  37. Anathema. Synonym of excommunication.
  38. Anatemize. Synonym of excommunicate.
  39. Anatomy. Science that studies the shape and function of parts of the body.
  40. Anatomical. Which adapts to the parts of the human body.

Sentences with words that begin with ana-

  1. They went camping and brought a stove to cook.
  2. The education minister announced a plan to decrease the illiteracy.
  3. “Love” is the anagram of “Rome”.
  4. This movie is very difficult to understand, because there are so many analepsis.
  5. The ice acts like analgesic.
  6. The doctor told him that he had to have the analysis annual clinical.
  7. Silvio places his jackets in a shelf.
  8. To work, you should use a chair anatomical.
  9. In the Amazon there are many anacondas.
  10. To say that the Greeks were socialists is anachronistic.
  11. I love those glasses that have the frame pearly.
  12. The Add It has an iridescent green head.
  13. The operation of this computer is analogous to my old computer.
  14. Mariana is a analyst internationally recognized cinema.
  15. Fish anadromous they migrate from the sea to the river many times in their life.
  16. The artist painted a sky Orange, typical of the sunset.
  17. A pronoun can be used to make a anaphora.
  18. Andrea usually makes good decisions, because she is very analytics.
  19. Nothing better than a milkshake pineapple for such a hot day!
  20. The manager is going to analyze what sales strategy is most suitable for the new product.
  21. Proudhon was the father of anarchism.
  22. The cashew produces a type of nut that is consumed in many parts of the world.
  23. At the end of the film there is a anagnorisis, because the character realizes that he is a robot and not a person.
  24. The literary procedure that the author most used was the anadiplosis.
  25. The historian made a analogy between the current situation of the country and that of a hundred years ago.