50 Slogan Examples

A slogan is a slogan or title, usually used in advertising. The slogan is a phrase composed of one or more words that define a brand and that, in general, accompanies a logo (the identity of a brand). For example: Because you worth it (The real)

The tagline gives meaning to the logo and helps establish the brand in the marketplace. It not only represents the brand but also identifies the consumer (target audience) so that they, in turn, identify with the product and the act of consumption occurs.

The English word “slogan” means “war cry”. In Spanish it is suggested to use the term slogan and its plural with tilde: slogans.

Use of the slogan

A slogan can be used to identify:

  • A mark
  • A product
  • A political, religious, or advertising campaign

How do you create a slogan?

The one who devises the slogan is usually the creative or publicist who is usually based on market research and brand tests to identify the possible acceptance of the receiving public.

There is no fixed structure but it is recommended that it be brief (between one and five words) and that it contain simple and easy-to-remember words. In addition, it is important that it conveys the imprint of the brand. The creators of slogans use mnemonic rules, that is, easy-to-remember rules such as rhymes or phrases characteristic of a given society.

Characteristics of a slogan

  • Many begin with an imperative verb, as a way of persuading the reader to action. For example: pay less to travel (Turismocity)
  • It must be direct and not abstract, so that it is more easily understood by the consumer. For example: The taste of the meeting (Quilmes)
  • Indicates a benefit brought by the action of the verb used in the slogan. For example: you are saving well (see)
  • It can change over time, depending on the needs of your audience and changes in society. For example: Mc Donalds changed its traditional I’m Lovin’ It (I’m lovin ‘it) for Lovin’ Beats Hatin’ (love beats hate)

Slogan Examples

  1. Adidas: Impossible is nothing (nothing is impossible)
  2. To the: More than white, white Ala.
  3. Manzana: think different (think different)
  4. Arch: Magic moments.
  5. Notice: We try harder.
  6. Avon: The company for women (A company for women)
  7. bic: He doesn’t know how to fail.
  8. bounties: The Quicker Picker Upper (They absorb more, faster and better)
  9. Maxwell House Coffee: Good to the last drop.
  10. California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk? (Do you have milk?)
  11. Candy Crush: The game version of pure cocaine (The gambling version of cocaine)
  12. Canyon: Delighting you always (delighting you always)
  13. Chevy: And the Cheyenne daddy?
  14. DeBeers: A diamond is forever
  15. Dollar Shave Club: ShaveTime. ShaveMoney (Save time. Save money)
  16. Donelli: The longest lasting socks.
  17. Duvalin: I wouldn’t change Duvalín for anything.
  18. Gillette: The best for man.
  19. H-24: Home is written with H, with H-24 without equal.
  20. Mans hell: Make a Hellman’s face
  21. Herdez: Made with love.
  22. HP: invented (invent)
  23. Jugs: oh how good they are…
  24. Jetta Volkswagen: Everyone has a Jetta, at least in their heads.
  25. Kodadk: Share moments. Sharelife. (Share moments. Share life)
  26. Kola Loka: Crazy hit.
  27. Linked in: Connect with people for no reason at all. (connect with people for no reason)
  28. The real: Because you worth it.
  29. M&Ms: The chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.
  30. Mammoth: For that ferocious appetite… Mammoth
  31. MasterCard: There are things that money can not buy. For everything else, there is MasterCard.
  32. McDonald: I love it.
  33. MW: The Ultimate Driving Machine (The car par excellence)
  34. Nescafe: Wake up to life.
  35. Netflix: I can’t decide (I can not decide)
  36. Nike: just do it (just do it)
  37. Nokia: connecting people (connecting people)
  38. Pepsi: Live now.
  39. pinol: Pinol, Pinol, aromatizes, cleans and disinfects.
  40. Sabritas: Why can’t you eat just one?
  41. Skype: The whole world can talk for free (everyone can talk for free)
  42. Sony: make believe (make believe)
  43. subway: eat fresh (eat fresh)
  44. Teak: For those who have insomnia.
  45. Tesco: Every Little Help (Your grain of sand helps)
  46. El Secreto de Victoria: A body for every body (A body for each body)
  47. Vitacillin: At home, in the workshop and in the office, have Vitacilina. Ah, what good medicine!
  48. Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia (the free encyclopedia)