100 Thank You Messages and Phrases

A phrase of thanks It is a statement that a person expresses when he feels gratitude and the need to recognize another or others for a specific action, a gift, a favor or a kind gesture. They are also used to thank (according to each belief it will be to God, the universe, the energies) for having health, food or family.

When to thank?

There are many situations in which the feeling or desire to thank is generated in an individual. Some are:

  • When someone did something specific and you want to recognize it publicly or privately. For example: Thank you very much for picking up my son Matías from school.
  • When someone was present at an important time or event, such as a birthday, wedding, wake, or illness. For example: I am so grateful that you traveled to share this moment with me.
  • When you want to thank for what you have or for what you are. For example: Today I want to thank you for friendship and health.

Why thank?

The capacity for gratitude It is related to humility and the desire of an individual to highlight or recognize some action, gesture or favor that another or other people have given him. Gratitude is always associated with a show of love and appreciation.

A phrase of express thanks good manners from the social point of view, but at the same time it speaks of the appreciation for life and for the neighbor that a person has. Being grateful allows the individual to generate bonds and environments of recognition, harmony and peace and become aware of opportunities and what has been received.

Examples of phrases of thanks

  1. I feel a lot of love for you and I want to say “thank you”.
  2. I am grateful for the people who cross my path.
  3. I can’t say another word but “thank you”!
  4. You are unconditional. Thank you for listening to me, both in my happiness and in my sadness!
  5. You have been my best teacher, thank you for all your teachings.
  6. Thank you for your dedication and love!
  7. I am grateful for every plate of food and for the roof that covers me.
  8. Thank you all for joining the proposal with such enthusiasm.
  9. I appreciate being able to wake up next to who I love every morning.
  10. Thanks for calling me, it did me good to talk to you.
  11. Life has been very generous to me, for that I am so grateful.
  12. You are a great help to me!
  13. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue learning.
  14. Thanks for asking.
  15. What a blessing that you have crossed my life!
  16. Really, thank you very much for the invitation.
  17. Thank you for taking the time to send me this message.
  18. Friend, thank you for always being close.
  19. I can only thank you.
  20. What you have told me has been very useful, thank you.
  21. I am thankful for every day of my life.
  22. I thank you for having met you!
  23. I want to thank you for making me part of your life.
  24. Thank you for taking the time to visit me.
  25. I want to thank you for the support you gave me this year, it gave me the strength to get ahead.
  26. I appreciate with all my heart that you are part of my present!
  27. I give thanks for every minute of life.
  28. Thank you for coming, your presence has been very important to me.
  29. Thank you very much for the invitation!
  30. Thank you for keeping the secret I entrusted to you.
  31. You are part of our family! Thanks for your generosity.
  32. My happiness began the first day I said: “thank you for what I have”.
  33. Every moment is unique and I am very grateful for it.
  34. We wanted to thank all the young people who joined the training.
  35. I thank God for putting me on your path.
  36. Thanks for the surprise!
  37. There is nothing more valuable than a person who offers you their time and attentive and loving listening, thank you!
  38. Thank you for the opportunity!
  39. I usually thank for every morning, for every day and for every possibility that life gives me.
  40. I am grateful for my family and their constant support.
  41. I wanted to thank you, my friend, for your patience.
  42. Thank you for so many years of friendship!
  43. Despite everything, I want to thank you.
  44. Thanks for letting me fly.
  45. May everything you give to others return to you multiplied.
  46. Thanks for trusting us.
  47. I appreciate your job offer.
  48. The company wishes to thank them for their constant effort.
  49. Thank you all for coming tonight for my birthday.
  50. I thank you very much for the sweets you sent me.
  51. Your care made me recover faster.
  52. Tonight I want to thank my parents for the life they have given me.
  53. Thank you for always being so close to me.
  54. Thank you very much for the greetings!
  55. Words are not enough to tell you how grateful I am to you.
  56. Thank you for your interest in our company.
  57. Thank you very much to all the attendees of the day, it has been a great day.
  58. I wanted to thank you for having listened and accepted my claims.
  59. My life will not be enough to thank you for what you have done for me.
  60. Nothing is the same without you!
  61. Thank God for health.
  62. I want to thank you for having us at your house this weekend.
  63. It is the best gift I have received in my entire life.
  64. Your words filled me with love and hope.
  65. I thank you for keeping my father present in your prayers.
  66. Thank you very much for the birthday call.
  67. All parents are welcome in the assembly room.
  68. The most beautiful thing in my life is being able to share it with the people I love.
  69. Thank you for trusting me, it is something I will never forget.
  70. Thanks for being the way you are.

Examples of phrases about gratitude

  1. We cannot have an attitude of love without being grateful for it.
  2. There are two forms of gratitude: that which is offered after a specific act and that which is permanent. Try to use both in your life.
  3. Try to give love and gratitude to others without expecting anything in return.
  4. If you have nothing, be thankful and if you have everything, be thankful too.
  5. The most sincere way to say thank you is to give a hug.
  6. Have you ever been thankful for the sun that rises every morning?
  7. Be grateful for everything and you will have discovered the key to happiness.
  8. Giving thanks is a simple act, but few understand the greatness and necessity of that word.
  9. Every life is full of blessings: just look around you and discover at least one per day.
  10. You will begin to understand the true value of gratitude when you discover yourself being grateful for those everyday things that you have.
  11. Gratitude is a sign of love.
  12. Thank you for breathing.
  13. Count your blessings daily.
  14. Enjoy, be grateful and live every day of your life.
  15. Gratitude is not just a phrase, it is a way of facing and living life.
  16. The best thing you can have is a grateful heart.
  17. Gratitude is the highest form of thought, for it is a thought that comes from the heart.
  18. Children give thanks on a daily basis, when they look into the eyes, hug and kiss without asking for anything in return.
  19. After a bad moment, learn the lesson and do not forget to thank for it.
  20. Meditating on gratitude is an act of love.
  21. It is not necessary for extraordinary things to happen to give thanks.
  22. Don’t forget to pray to ask, but also remember to pray to thank.
  23. It’s never too late to return a favor and it’s never too late to apologize.
  24. Never hold back a thank you.
  25. Feeling gratitude and not saying it is like having a treasure and not sharing it.
  26. Give thanks for the one who tries to help you selflessly and from the heart.
  27. If you listen attentively and subtly to your heart, you will soon find the value of gratitude.
  28. Gratitude is not only an act of expressing love to others, but also of expressing love to ourselves.
  29. You will never feel your heart complete if you haven’t said thank you at least once in your life.
  30. If they give you, be grateful.