15 Examples of Peace Prayers

The peace It is a supreme value, out of all discussion, that is why prayers are raised at all times and places for peace and harmony among peoples. But unfortunately the history of humanity is crossed by wars and conflicts of all kinds. Even so, almost everyone believes that violence will solve nothing, and that a better world can only be aspired to under the sign of peace.

As a human species, we have the faculty of discernment And that should lead us to reflect on the reality of the world around us and to understand that every time we impose something on our neighbor by force, we are going back several steps on the difficult path of social progress.

You must educate yourself in culture of peace, rejecting outright violence as a way of solving social or political conflicts. Peace must act as a beacon that marks the path of human beings, without distinction of creeds or nationalities. From spiritual practice, it is always urged to pray for peace, and it is in this context that various prayers for peace arise.

Examples of prayers for peace

  1. O God, Creator of the universe, who extends your parental concern over each creature and who guides the events of history to the goal of salvation; We acknowledge your paternal love that, despite the resistance of humanity and in a world divided by dispute and discord, You make us prepare for reconciliation. Renew in us the wonders of your mercy; send your Spirit upon us, so that he can work in the intimacy of our hearts; so that the enemies can begin to dialogue; so that adversaries can shake hands and so that people can find harmony with each other.
  2. Christ, why do you allow wars and slaughter on earth? By what mysterious judgment do you allow innocent people to die cruelly? I cannot know. I only trust in the promise that your people will find peace in heaven, where there will be no wars. As gold is tested in fire, You purify souls in these tribulations, to prepare them to be received above the stars into your heavenly home.
  3. Oh, God, who governs the world with paternal love, we pray that all men, to whom you gave an identical origin, constitute a single family in peace and always live united by brotherly love.
  4. Oh, Blessed Jesus, make my soul still in You. Let your powerful calm reign in me. Rule me, oh, King of Calm, King of Peace.
  5. Lord Jesus, you guide wisely the history of your Church and of the nations, now hear our supplication. Our languages ​​are confused as they were in the Tower of Babel. We are children of the same Father that you revealed to us and we do not know how to be brothers, and hatred sows more fear and more death. Give us the peace that your Gospel promises, that which the world cannot give. Teach us to build it as the fruit of Truth and Justice. Hear the imploration of Mary Mother and send us your Holy Spirit, to reconcile hearts and peoples in a great family. Come to us the Kingdom of Love, and confirm us in the certainty that you are with us until the end of time. Amen.
  6. Oh Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace. Where there is hatred, let me carry Love. Where there is offense, let me carry Forgiveness. Wherever there is discord, may the Union lead me. Where there is doubt, may I carry Faith. Wherever there is error, may I carry Truth. Where there is despair, may I carry Joy. Where there is darkness, let me carry the Light. Oh, Master, make me not seek so much to be consoled, but to console; to be understood, but to understand; to be loved, like to love. Because it is Giving that is received; Forgiving, that one is forgiven; Dying, he is resurrected to Eternal Life. Amen.
  7. O God, who are the unfathomable abyss of peace, the ineffable sea of ​​love, the source of blessings and the giver of affection, who sends peace to those who receive it. Open to us today the sea of ​​your love, and water us with stormy streams of the riches of your grace and of the most sweet sources of your goodness. Make us children of tranquility and heirs of peace, and kindle in us the fire of your love. Sow fear of you in us; strengthen our weakness with your power; bind us closely to you, and to each other, in a firm and indissoluble bond of unity. Amen.
  8. Dear God, I ask you that our family can always live in peace, allow us to understand each other, to be patient with each other and to present any problem in front of you first. Take our words and actions, which are the most correct to continue in peace, to solve the difficulty without anger, help us to understand each other. Teach us to listen carefully and to find the best solution so that there is harmony in this family that you deeply love.
  9. Lord, give me your peace, when worry wants to take control I ask that your peace take away my anxiety and keep me thinking about the serenity that only you give. Thank you for your peace, because it will not allow negative thoughts and feelings that do not suit me to destroy me. Remove from me all fear and all doubt, may trust reign in you and in your power.
  10. Lord, today I ask you to help me to have peace even when there are very difficult situations for me. Help me to control my emotions, may I remain believing that you have everything under your care and control. Be my strength and my peace.
  11. Dear God, take my life and allow me to live this day serenely. Open my mind to positive thoughts. Take out of me all bad feelings towards others. Free me from resentment and my fears. Make it possible for me to feel joy, love, compassion, and allow me to feel alive again. Infuse me, Lord, Your Holy Spirit of peace and light. Thank you for accepting my load and for making it lighter. Amen.
  12. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine on you and have mercy on you. The Lord turn his face to you and grant you peace.