40 Examples of Logos

The Logo (or logo) is a graphic sign made up of letters and images, which is used to identify a company or a brand, and the products it sells.

The logos They are signs used to allow some type of identification with an object, which is why they were used during antiquity and the Middle Ages by kings or artisans. However, with the arrival of modern times, logos have become almost exclusively representations of economic companies and in some cases of public and private entities, political groups or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Logos are widely used as a representation of a Commercial brandSince graphic icons, once they have been widely disseminated and circulated in the media, allow an immediate association with the name of the brand to which they refer. This characteristic of logos is extremely important in the advertising field.

Logo elements

The term logo is used in a general way to designate three different elements:

  • Logo. Properly said, it is a typographic representation.
  • Isotype. Consisting of an icon or visual sign.
  • Isologo. Resulting from the combination of a logo and an isotype.

Success of a logo

The success of a logo depends on various factors, such as the simplicity and the congruence. Six key aspects of logo design can be considered:

  • That it is easily readable by people regardless of the size of the letter.
  • That it is reproducible in different circumstances regardless of the materials.
  • Make it adaptable to different media.
  • That is scalable to the desired and required size.
  • That it is distinguishable and easily understandable, both positive and negative.
  • Make it memorable, so that you can quickly refer to what it represents and not be forgotten.

In addition, the use of colorful and pleasant colors and shapes can condition the reception that a logo has among the population (logos usually have two or three basic colors, since a large number of colors can be annoying to the eye).

List of examples of logos (images)

Adidas logo

Amazon logo

Apple logo

Art Cafe Logo

Bic logo

Bimbo logo

Burger King logo

Calm Coffee Logo

Carrefour logo

Chanel logo

Coca Cola logo

Downtown Lounge LogoEpson logo

Ford logo

GoMusic logo

Goodwill logo

Jaguar logo

Kiss logo

Logo Kitchens in Bloom

Lacoste logo

Lion Bird Logo

Louis Vuitton logo

Maritime Law Logo Martini House Logo

Mazda logo

Metro Mobile Logo

Motorola logo

NBC logo Nike logo Optical Strength Logo

Pepsi logo

Pink Flamingo Farm Logo

Playboy logo

Shell logo Summit Drycleaning logo The Rolling Stones Logo

Toyota logo.

Wineforest logo

Winefork logo

Word Refuge Logo