40 Examples of Science and Technology

The science and the technology They are undoubtedly two of the elements that have allowed the human being to make the most of the world that surrounds him and his way of living in it, tending to exponentially increase the time and quality of human life on the planet. For instance: geology, biology, printing, cell phones.

The human being has the unique capacity in the animal kingdom to take what is produced intellectually by another, and start from that base to produce an even greater or better knowledge, and it is what produced this ability to overcome from which its vortex of expansion is perceived in our time.

Science examples

The science It is the systematic set of true knowledge, which is obtained from multiple methods, among which the scientific method stands out, and serves some purpose of explaining something related to the world or the societies that inhabit it.

Although the knowledge must be true, sometimes the possibility of imagination and experimentation of the human being is forbidden by a multiplicity of factors that do not allow him to fully reach the truth, but rather to draw a conclusion that (to be concluded later) was not quite true.

This notion of truth is, however, immediately associated with the different types of sciences that exist, whose division is fundamentally motivated by the possibility of reaching the truth.

  • Formal sciences. They are those that make use of contents that are not concrete, and therefore that are not tangible: their analyzes refer to ideal structures, and therefore are beyond any possibility of intervention. Thus, his conclusions are valid and always will be, since they are demonstrated by other propositions that have also been demonstrated.
  • Natural Sciences. They are those that deal with analyzing the world and what inhabits it from a physical point of view: the conclusions reached are derived from an objective method, but many times they have to do with the instruments of experimentation or with the context , and some of the apparent truths can be refuted in later times.
  • Social Sciences. They are the disciplines that study human activity on earth, in particular culture and social relations. They are the youngest and due to the characteristics of the human being as a social subject, they do not intend to achieve objective results or propose objectively falsifiable conclusions.

Within the three groups, some are listed here science examples:


Technology examples

The technology is a product of science, particularly in regards to innovation in terms of techniques, procedures, apparatus and tools that transform a raw material into an object, or that satisfy a need of people.

Technology makes use of the application of scientific knowledge, and currently includes within it a vast number of groups such as computer science, robotics, pneumatics, electronics or urbotics.

More than in any other case, In technology, certain scientific advances produce revolutions that strongly accelerate the production of technological goods. This is why throughout human history technology has constantly evolved, including the most primitive transformations such as the development of agriculture, animal domestication and permanent settlements, among many others.

The technology production mode works with prototypes and with multiple developments, and it is applied with great success by some multinational companies (those corresponding to the so-called cutting edge technology) but it is also done more easily by thousands of people around the world.

The use of technology is applied for a endless purposes, among which are the improvement of labor productivity, the reduction of physical effort, the reduction of distances from the world, but also for the accentuation of social differences, for the pollution of the environment and for the improvement of the industry armament in the world.

Here are some examples of applications of the technology.

PrintingLaser raysNuclear energy
Research TechnologiesCanyonMusic players
Coffee makersSteel crossbowsiPhone
BlendersTransgenic plantsSemiautomatic weapons
ManuscriptRobotsCell phones
CarsWar planesNanotechnology