20 Examples of Technical Careers

A technical career It is one that specializes students in improving the performance of a task demanded by the labor market, which has the particularity of being more closely related to the operation and implementation of a tool, for which it has acquired fundamentals theoretical but also enough training to do it effectively. For example: sound technician, optical technician, agricultural technician.

The concept is better understood when it is contrasted with that of the bachelor’s degrees, which are typically university specializations, where comprehensive knowledge about a subject is acquired so that the student is able to produce and elaborate their own.

The distinction between the university career and the technical one is based on the aforementioned, on the objectives and what is expected of the student who enters them. However, the differences also carry over to what is the duration of each of them: while university careers are longer, the techniques have a shorter duration. In general, between four and six semesters are enough to acquire the knowledge of this type of specialization.

In this sense, it is common for technical careers to be cheaper than universityTherefore, in countries where education is paid for, it tends to happen that young people with a better economic income gain access to bachelor’s degrees, while those with lower incomes resort to these technical careers. The faster job exit (even achievable without having completed studies) is another incentive to approach these studies, for those who seek a quick incorporation into the labor market.

The student demand Technical careers is essential for the countries, since they are positions that will always be in demand: however, the processes of growth and economic development in general tend to favor the increase of this kind of jobs. Ultimately, technical jobs are evidence that the country is producing and are therefore often encouraged by most states.

List of examples of technical careers

The following list includes twenty technical majors, with a brief description of each of them.

  1. Sound technician. Technician trained to configure and operate systems and equipment within the framework of audiovisual production.
  2. Technician in sports, recreation and physical preparation. Person who can work in the development and maintenance of sports physical abilities.
  3. Pharmacy technician. Person with knowledge in health, but who works under the dependence of a pharmacist as an assistant.
  4. Optical technician. Designs the technical specification that any type of ophthalmic lens must meet.
  5. Dental prosthesis technician. Professional trained to design the health provision proposals that dentistry requires.
  6. System technique. Person in charge of maintaining, supervising and repairing servers and operating systems.
  7. Nutrition Technician. Trained to carry out production, logistics and execution operations in nutritional and dietary procedures.
  8. Agricultural technician. Organizers and managers of the family or business farm.
  9. Technician in custom manufacturing and installation of carpentry and furniture. Defines constructive solutions for the installation of carpentry and furniture materials.
  10. Topography technician. Provider of support to carry out surveys, measurements and earth movements for civil, agricultural and mining projects.
  11. Industrial maintenance technician. A person capable of diagnosing, maintaining and repairing industrial equipment.
  12. Sterilization Technician. The graduate acquires the ability to recognize, verify, and manipulate medical devices in order to effectively wash, decontaminate, and disinfect them.
  13. Hemotherapy technician. A person capable of selecting donors, drawing blood, dividing and typing blood components, capable of performing in many areas.
  14. Library assistant technician. It carries out library activities, in direct relationship with the users and with the equipment and material of the place.
  15. Nutrition Technician. Technician trained to guide from production to the choice, preparation and consumption of food, in order to prevent diseases.
  16. Physiotherapy assistant technician. He carries out his work in the field of support to the health professional in physical therapy, assisting him in the different stages.
  17. Assistant technician in industrial design. Professional trained to design, project and direct products or product systems that provide aesthetic-functional qualities for different aspects.
  18. Nurse technician. Trained to intervene in people’s health, taking comprehensive care during rehabilitation, as well as promoting health.
  19. Accounting assistant technician. Technician trained to classify and record accounts and financial movements, in accordance with accounting standards.
  20. Hotel technician. You can develop tourism-related ventures, as well as organize, execute and supervise the sales management of the hotel company.