20 Examples of Judgments

With the name of judgment is known to the set of instances in which the innocence or guilt of a person or a group of people is put to the test in front of an authority figure, designated by virtue of their merits to administer justice. For instance: moral judgment, civil judgment, commercial judgment.

Likewise, judgment is the discernment, what makes us act according to certain guidelines and cultural values agreed within the life of society. Thus, the term ‘judgment’ it remains sharing components of the public interest and the private interest at the same time.

Examples of lawsuits

Here are some examples of different types of lawsuits:

Moral judgmentOrdeal or divine judgment (Judgment of God, in the Middle Ages)
Civil trialUniversal judgment
Commercial judgmentTrial by jury
Oral trialCommunity justice (according to a majority criterion)
Public trialMediation (prior resolution of trials)
Ethical judgmentDeclarative judgment
Critical judgementSummary judgment
Political trialEviction trial
Contentious – administrative trialLabor judgement
Criminal trialFinal judgment (the end of the world, a judgment from God)

The judicial system

At present, all the countries of the world have a system of laws to which its inhabitants are subject, and a judicial system prepared to punish non-compliance with those laws in an impartial manner.

The existence of a judicial system is in favor of the application of uniform criteria and against the rule of force, that is, of the tyranny of the strongest over the weakest, or of justice by one’s own hand, which inexorably ends in an escalation of violence.

The different types of trials offer different mechanisms for conflict resolution, but in almost all cases there is a judge which is the one who ultimately has to act: his ruling, however, is usually based on a structural basis, explaining what legal norms he relied on to draw up his decision.

The prosecutors and the lawyers they are also essential pieces in trials. For less serious situations it is proposed in modern systems the mediation, system in which a third party seeks to facilitate communication between the parties involved in the conflict, so that they can resolve it themselves.

The structuring of the right in different branches it allowed the differentiation between many forms of judgment, each one with its own particular regulations that seek to regulate the actions of society in pursuit of a better coexistence.

However, for much of history mankind deviated from these values and it was handled with other criteria, as in the despotisms, in which the word of certain individuals was above those of all others.