Purchase order examples

A purchase order or order note is a type of commercial document issued by a buyer to detail and record the merchandise requested from a specific supplier. Usually an original is made, which is sent to the supplier of the desired goods or services, and a copy that remains in the buyer’s files.

The usual content of a purchase order generally includes the following information:

  • Name and tax identification of the buyer.
  • Name and tax identification of the seller.
  • Place and date of issue.
  • Description and amount of the purchase.
  • Fixed price and payment method.
  • Delivery time.
  • Other elements that are considered necessary.

Purchase order examples

  1. PURCHASE ORDER # 0001

Supplier: Macondo Timber Company.
Home: Av. Independencia, 1903. Macondo, Colombia.
Telephone: 4560-3277
Attention: Mr. Gabriel García

Purchase description: Wooden tables in the shape of a butterfly.
Quantity: 100 units.
Unit price: 300 pesos.
Total price: 30,000 pesos (+ VAT 9%).
Total to pay: 32,700 pesos.
Delivery time: 30 days.

Authorized by: Pedro Paramo
Comala Furniture Store

[firma y fecha de emisión]

  1. PURCHASE ORDER # 1234

Serve this as proof of purchase to [nombre del proveedor], living in [domicilio del proveedor] and registered under the tax number [identificación fiscal del proveedor], of the following articles:

[Descripción de la compra]
[Cantidad de la compra]
[Precio unitario]
[Desglose del total a pagar con impuestos y/o condiciones de pago]

Which must be delivered to [nombre del comprador], living in [domicilio fiscal del comprador] and with tax registration [identificación fiscal del comprador], in a period of no less than [tiempo de entrega estipulado].

Order issued in [lugar] on date [fecha de emisión] and in full agreement of the parties.

[firmas autorizadas de comprador y vendedor]

Purchase order templates

Model 1:

orden de compra3

Model 2:

orden de compra1

Model 3:

orden de compra2