Work Order Examples

A work order It is a written document that contains the specifications of a service to be provided or a work to be carried out, so it can be understood as a primary form of employment contract, since it reflects and documents the conditions of the previous agreement. Therefore, it is usually done in duplicate: one copy for the client and one for the worker.

The work order is very commonly used in industry and trade in services, such as mechanical workshops, cleaning services, electronic parts production, construction work, etc.

There is no Format standard for a work order, so that everyone can make it according to their needs and favorite design. However, they usually contain some or all of the following information:

  • Order number and folio to which it belongs.
  • Issue date of the work order.
  • Name of the client or applicant and contact information.
  • Type of contracted service.
  • Description of the same and the needs of the case.
  • Cost of work, with advance (if any) and pertinent calculations.
  • Approximate date of delivery or completion of the work.
  • Observations (if any).
  • Way to pay.
  • Client’s signature.

Work order examples

  1. Work order: Repair of a personal computer



10/04/2015 Folio 03

Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina

Service: Review of electronic equipment

Description: Positive Netbook BGH Intel 12 ”, does not turn on or plugged into the outlet or on battery. Diagnosis will be carried out and the customer will be informed of the need for spare parts.

Approximate delivery date: 08/10/2015

Observations: –

Price: $ 150 per revision (plus spare parts costs if applicable)

Advancement: –

Remaining: $ 150

Way to pay:

Check □

Cash x


Client acceptance signature _____________

  1. Work order: Painting the interior of an apartment

Leoncio Martinez Prada


N ° 00469

Place and date: Camagüey, October 12, 2011

Customer: Miguel Bolívar

Service: Painted 3 room apartment located on av. Monroe 2100

Description: –


* (3) gallons of white paint

* (1) gallon cobalt paint

* (2) ½ gallon metal frame rust inhibitor

* Workforce

Total cost: $ 3,000

Advancement: $ 1,500 (50%)

Remain: $ 1,500

Service start date: 19-10-11

Completion date of service: 10-21-11

  1. Work Order: Proofreading a Book


Av. Armed Forces, Edif. Bellatrix, Caracas, Venezuela

Tel: 0212-7543876


On the __ day of ______, 20__ we have been requested by Mr. (a). ________________ service:

Style correction □ Spelling correction □ Writing □

Specialized review □ Design and Binding □ Others □

Of the titled material: ________________________________________________________

which declares to be of its exclusive authorship or of its represented / a, of a length of _____ pages.

Said work will have a cost of ___________________ Bs. That will be canceled as follows __________________________________________________________.

The delivery date of the corrected manuscript will be the ____ of _______ of 20___


___________________ ________________________

Signature For the company

  1. Work order: car alignment and balancing


Lamperusa Mechanical Workshop

Callejón 34, Chapinero, Bogotá

Date: 09/04/2014

Customer: Servicios de Transporte Vial Limousine, SA

Request services ofBlack Maybach Limousine Car Alignment and Rolling

Cost of service: 950,000 pesos

Way to pay: Check n ° 146957304, Banco Santander


Limousine left wheel with pre-scratch and patched rear tire. Right headlight with previous impact in the upper right corner.

  1. Work order: construction of chairs in carpentry

Wood and lacquer works “Buenaventura”

Castelli 456, Ezeiza, Buenos Aires.

Phone 011 6758 3947


N ° 008459 Folio: 090

Request date: 11/07/1998

Client or company name: Ministry of Education

Description: Elaboration of one hundred (100) wooden desks at the rate of: fifty (50) for lefties and fifty (50) for rights.

Product delivery time: 3 months

Budget: $ 1,000 per unit = $ 50,000 total

Advance of: $ 20,000 (City Bank check)

Remain: $ 30,000 (on delivery)

Observations: –

In accordance:

___________________ ________________________

Signature For the company