Examples of Educational Games

The Didactical games They are games and activities that are used as a teaching technique to promote or stimulate some type of learning in children. Its objective is for children to learn motor and social knowledge or skills in a simple and playful way.

There are various types of educational games that aim to stimulate one or more aspects of the person, the games vary according to the interests and age of the child. For example: games with blocks, puzzles, games with letters of the alphabet. They are often used at school and in the home.

Types of educational games

  • Memory games. Types of games in which cards or chips are used. The visual or auditory abilities of the brain are promoted. For example: memotest with animal charts.
  • Puzzle games. Types of games used to stimulate cognitive skills. In addition, they help children create concept maps and stimulate logical functions. The older the children, the smaller the size of the pieces and the greater the number of tiles in the puzzle. For example: ten tile puzzle of an airplane.
  • Guessing games. Types of games that are used to develop logic and reflection. They are also used to increase the speed of learning. For example: riddles with letters or numbers.
  • Games with masses. Types of games that are used to stimulate visuospatial functions as well as the recognition of textures. For example: play with clay or play dough.
  • Block games. Types of games with which children begin to learn fine motor functions, spatial notions and the distinction of textures. For example: wooden blocks of different colors, blocks with different geometric shapes.
  • Maze and construction games. Types of games that are used so that the child can develop sequential functions, fine motor skills and establish the notion of space and construction. For example: construction of towers with vessels.
  • Games with the alphabet and numbers. Types of games used by children who are learning to read and write. For example: games to recognize vowels or order numbers from least to greatest.
  • Coloring games. Types of games used to stimulate children’s creativity and motor skills. Stimulates the association of ideas. For example: animals and landscapes coloring books.

domino - educational games

Examples of educational games

  1. Memorizing songs
  2. Word repetition
  3. Memotest
  4. Card games
  5. Sudoku
  6. Tetris
  7. Tangram
  8. Riddles with numbers
  9. Riddles with letters
  10. Crosswords
  11. Number or word bingo
  12. Putty games
  13. Clay games
  14. Play dough games
  15. Building blocks
  16. Alphabet soup
  17. Domino
  18. Puppetry
  19. Coloring books
  20. Syllable counter