Concept Map Examples

A conceptual map It is a graphic representation of certain knowledge linked to a certain concept, in such a way that the arrows emerge from the concepts of greater importance to those of lesser importance, in the form of generally descending from those of greater importance to those of lesser importance.

In a concept map, concepts are linked through arrows, but also through link-words that accompany the arrows indicating the relationship established between the two. Many studies related to psychology and teaching and study methodology addressed the cognitive advantages of the presentation of knowledge in a way like this, with respect to that of long texts without major simplifications.

Types of concept maps

The concept map is a very useful tool in the framework of the study and also in the presentation of the information.

  • Cumbersome text summaries can be markedly alleviated by using these tools, just as companies often explain project details in ways like this.
  • In the business field, the organization charts that explain the hierarchical structure of a company have a physiognomy similar to that of concept maps, with the difference that here there will be no word-links but it is understood that every downline implies a relationship of labor subordination.

What are concept maps for?

The usefulness of concept maps has its correlate in the usual difficulty that entails its realization, especially in cases where greater effectiveness, scope and in which the knowledge that must be encompassed is greater.

A process of data hierarchy, and within this it is necessary to find a single concept that encompasses everything that is to be shown as a keyword: a concept map cannot exist without a single superior term from which all the arrows come out.

As we said, the hierarchy is the fundamental axis of the usefulness of these maps: if the concepts have been well ordered, and if good connections have also been made between them, surely we will be faced with a very useful conceptual map for anyone who wants to find the most important ideas in a single image of a longer text.

Examples of concept maps (in images)

The following list includes examples of some forms of concept maps, from different topics:

  1. Concept map of the different literary genres

Literary genres

  1. Concept map of the same concept maps

Conceptual map

  1. Concept map as an organization chart, with the hierarchical structure of an organization

organization chart concept map

  1. Concept map of living beings, and their classification according to the number of legs they have

Legs of living things

  1. Concept map of chemical reactions

Chemical reactions

  1. Software concept map

concept map software

  1. Concept map of the different types of texts


  1. Concept map of the characteristics of the planet Earth

Earth features map