40 Examples of True and False Judgments

A judgment It is a statement about someone or something, which depending on its formulation and the reasoning involved, as well as its fairness with respect to reality, may be true or false.

  • True judgments. They are those that conform to the reality described in their reasoning, which correspond to what we can verify through experience or we can deduce through common sense. The axioms of logic are always true judgments. For instance: all right angles are identical to each other.
  • False judgments. They are those who affirm something that cannot be corroborated with the obvious reality, despite the fact that said conclusion may be derived from the internal logic of some reasoning. A false judgment can be the product of ignorance, prejudice, false logic (fallacies) or simply a hallucination or a dream. For instance: stones are lighter than feathers.

Examples of true judgments

  1. The whole is necessarily greater than any of the parts into which it can be divided.
  2. Two entities whose characteristics are exactly identical will always be the same thing.
  3. All things in the universe are explained by forces identical to themselves.
  4. No more can be taken out of a container than is inside.
  5. The whole is nothing more than the sum of its parts.
  6. A single possible line passes between two determined points in which they are included.
  7. All right angles are identical to each other.
  8. One thing cannot be what it is and at the same time be something else.
  9. “TO < B” y “A > B ”cannot be true simultaneously.
  10. Nothing can be and not be at the same time.
  11. All men are mortal.
  12. Not all animals are carnivores.
  13. Things do not take up more space than they need.
  14. All people are born to a father and a mother.
  15. Time cannot be turned back.
  16. Tomorrow I will be older than today.
  17. Nothing can move eternally on earth.
  18. A proposition cannot be true and false at the same time.
  19. The force of gravity makes things fall to the ground.
  20. All colors are different from each other.

Examples of false judgments

  1. I am my father.
  2. I took more things out of the suitcase than was inside.
  3. A fragment of a stone is larger than the entire stone.
  4. Horses are snakes.
  5. There are more fish in the sea than liters of water containing them.
  6. The mercury in the thermometer expands as the temperature drops.
  7. It rains and it does not rain at the same time.
  8. Two right angles are different from each other.
  9. A year is identical to a day and an hour.
  10. Some men who exist have not been born.
  11. All animals are herbivores.
  12. An infinite number of material objects can fit in a bag.
  13. One substance is more like another than itself.
  14. The force of gravity is optional.
  15. All colors contain yellow.
  16. No bird can fly.
  17. Today is tomorrow.
  18. A rose is not the same as a rose.
  19. Fish do not require any type of food to live.
  20. Stones are lighter than feathers.