40 Examples of Factual and Value Judgments

A judgment it is, broadly speaking, a statement about someone or something. Depending on its formulation and the reasoning involved, it may be of one type or another.

  • Judgments of fact. They are those that have to do with an objective reality or a physical, verifiable, concrete fact, without involving the personal positions or opinions of the person issuing them. They are usually the starting point for hypotheses, deductions, and other forms of reasoning.
  • Value judgments. They are evaluations or opinions about something or someone, made from their personal, often subjective, approach. To that extent, they express as much (or more) about the person issuing them than about the matter in question that is being evaluated and they are usually of approval or disapproval.

Examples of factual judgments

  1. Two plus two equals four, no matter what objects it is.
  2. The force of gravity pulls things towards Earth.
  3. The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.
  4. There are more than 6 billion people on the planet.
  5. The Vietnam War was a conflict between the United States and South Vietnam, against the North Vietnamese army, supported by China and the Soviet Union.
  6. Traffic lights are devices for controlling automobile traffic in cities.
  7. In English there is only one gender for all words.
  8. The Battle of Waterloo was decisive in the history of the Napoleonic Empire.
  9. The dead cannot come back to life.
  10. There are high rates of suicide in the young people of the Patagonian towns.
  11. Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it.
  12. A year is nothing more than one revolution of the Earth around the Sun.
  13. Too much alcohol causes liver damage.
  14. Women are anatomically different from men.
  15. The country’s Gross Domestic Product fell by 5%.
  16. Having a library at home makes reading acquisition easier for children.
  17. A painter’s pictures were priced at thousands of dollars at auction.
  18. You cannot go back to the past.
  19. Poverty is one of the most dramatic evils of the so-called third world.
  20. There are numerous religions in the world.

Examples of value judgments

  1. I don’t think math is that important.
  2. It is more important to be tall than to be slim.
  3. The performance of the United States in World War II is unforgivable.
  4. There are too many people in the world.
  5. The best war of all is the one you never have.
  6. There should be no traffic lights in the world, they are unnecessary.
  7. English is a very poor language compared to Spanish.
  8. Napoleon lost at Waterloo because French soldiers are not very brave.
  9. There are people who do not deserve to die.
  10. To commit suicide you have to be very selfish.
  11. Those who regret what they have experienced waste time.
  12. A year is too long a period of time.
  13. All over the world they would have to ban the drinking of alcoholic substances.
  14. Women are far superior to men in almost everything.
  15. This government is a total disgrace for the country.
  16. It is always good to have lots of books at home.
  17. The works of that painter should not be worth that much money.
  18. There is no need to think about going back to the past.
  19. The poor are poor because they want to.
  20. Religion is the opium of the peoples.