100 Examples of Carnivorous Animals

The carnivorous animals They are those that eat the meat of other animals. For instance: the perriver, lion, serpent. They get the nutrients from a diet that can be based totally or partially on the consumption of meat.

Carnivorous animals are present throughout the animal kingdom. There are birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and carnivorous insects.

Characteristics of carnivorous animals

  • They are usually found at the top of the food chain.
  • They have a digestive system suitable for assimilating meat, shorter than that of herbivores since it does not have to destroy the cellulose present in vegetables.
  • Depending on the species, they have physical characteristics that allow them to capture and devour other animals: claws, heightened senses, night vision, developed teeth.
  • They are important for the balance of the ecosystem, since they avoid the overpopulation of certain species.

Classification of carnivorous animals

Baby lions.

Carnivorous animals can be classified according to the way in which they obtain food and according to the percentage of meat that they include in their diet.

According to the method used to obtain food:

  • Hunter carnivores (or predators). They are animals that track their prey and hunt it on their own (alone or in a group). For instance: the crocodile.
  • Scavenger carnivores (or raptors). They are animals that feed on naturally dead prey or victims of a predator. For instance: The Raven.

According to the level of meat consumption in your diet:

  • Strict carnivores. They are animals that feed exclusively on meat, since they do not have a digestive system suitable for the consumption of vegetables. For instance: Tiger.
  • Flexible carnivores. They are animals that eat mostly meat but can occasionally ingest vegetable matter in small amounts. For instance: hyena.
  • Occasional carnivores. They are primarily omnivorous animals that can consume meat during a period of vegetable shortage. For instance: the raccoon.

Examples of carnivorous animals

Examples of carnivorous mammals

WildcatLiongrey Wolf
WeaselSea lionCivet
MarthaSperm whaleSiberian Tiger
Blue whaleDolphinBengal tiger
Humpback WhaleGrizzlyKiller whale
BelugaPolar BearOtter
NarwhalCheetahSpotted gynet
DogCougarRed panda
Black PantherCommon gynetLinsangs
PitSpectral batRaccoon
European minkFishing bat
Tasmanian devil

snake - carnivorous animals

Examples of carnivorous reptiles

Sea turtle
Desert monitor
CrocodileLizard turtleAlligator
Komodo dragonLeopard gecko
Coral snake

Examples of carnivorous birds

Harpy eagleAlbatrossGriffon vulture
Fishing eagleSeagull
Vulture vulture
SecretaryHawkCommon vulture
PenguinCrowBlack vulture
PelicanCalifornia condorMarabou
MilanAndean condorOwl
Egyptian vultureOwlGavilan smuggler

Examples of carnivorous fish

American Muskallonga
White sharkPerchMarlin
Hammerhead sharkSalmonCatfish
Tiger sharkTollo cigarPiranha
Basking sharkBull sharkBarracuda