30 Examples of Hypothetical Judgment

A hypothetical judgment It is, like any other type of judgment, a formulation of thought that affirms or refutes some preconceived idea or some relationship with an element of reality; but in this specific case it is one based on a supposition or hypothesis, that is, on the eventual possibility that said affirmation or refutation is fulfilled. In this sense, they anticipate events and anticipate their possible resolution.

Hypothetical judgments can, however, lead to elucubration, projective fantasy or pure imagination, since they even allow us to reason about situations that have already occurred on a purely speculative level, sub conditione: what will depend on a specific condition to be true or false.

In this sense they are distinguished from categorical judgments, which start from the verification and the factual reality, and from the dilemmas, which affirm the exclusive possibility of an alternative.

Examples of hypothetical judgment

  1. If we are going to live in Buenos Aires, then we will live in Argentina.
  2. If you don’t study for the exam, you will surely postpone the subject.
  3. If you have a fever, you are probably sick.
  4. If it rains again, the harvest will be a success.
  5. If it rains tomorrow, the temperature will drop again.
  6. We’ll buy a new car if we win the lottery.
  7. We will have a child if conditions allow it.
  8. This world will burn in hell if Christ returns from the dead.
  9. We will have a romantic date if you are not with your girlfriend when she returns.
  10. I will return to my home country if the economic problems subside.
  11. If I don’t get my glasses, I won’t be able to correct the assignment.
  12. If you are not here when it gets dark, I will punish you for weeks.
  13. If you do not return to my arms I will forget you forever.
  14. If I don’t get help, I’ll go crazy.
  15. If you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll kick you out of the library.
  16. You’ll catch a cold if you don’t bundle up on your way out.
  17. There will be a lot of poverty in the country if we cannot change the president.
  18. You will get what you want if you don’t give up early.
  19. You will have to eat in the street if you do not learn to cook soon.
  20. We will meet again if I am not dead yet.
  21. I won’t visit you again if you don’t shower more often.
  22. You will not get a boyfriend if you do not dare to go out.
  23. There will be no more table service if you don’t tip well.
  24. I will have no choice but to kill you if you don’t stop threatening me.
  25. I would have no problem if the baby had not been born.
  26. We would have gotten back from Scotland earlier if the plane hadn’t broken down.
  27. We would have more money than we have if we had saved more on time.
  28. We would be taller today if we had played more basketball in high school.
  29. We could forget about everything if we had anticipated these incidents.
  30. There would be less war in the world if oil weren’t so necessary.