20 Hardware Examples

The hardware Of the computer are the physical parts, that is, those that we can see and touch, of a computer system. Without him software, which comprises the intelligent part of the computer (that is, the programs and applications), the hardware would be of no use. For instance: RAM memory, hard disk, mouse.

The hardware is normally integrated by a process control unit or CPU, on a motherboard, which contains the microprocessor (a fundamental element of every computer) and the hard disk, memories, video cards and power supply, among others. Also the monitor and keyboard, which are called peripheral components.

These parts are always electrical, electronic, electromechanical or mechanical elements that perform specific functions for the computer to function properly.

monitor - hardware

Hardware over time

Before microprocessors existed, hardware electronics were based on integrated circuits, and going further in time, in transistors or vacuum tubes.

Hardware elements are usually divided into four types:

  • Data input devices
  • Data output devices
  • Data storage devices
  • Information processing

For a long time hardware was presented to the public in the form of modular desktops, that is, with standard modules that are easily added or removed.

Then the models began to appear all in one, that is, all in one, which take up much less space. Laptops of the type notebook or even more girls, the netbooks, which are almost as light and small as a notebook.

Hardware Components

keyboard - peripheral output

The keyboard It is a component of hardware, which is used to input data into the computer. The CPU processes the information that enters the computer. The monitor and the speakers they allow the output of information.

So that the hardware function properly, all devices must be connected. Of course, all software must also be properly prepared.

It is much more common for computer equipment to malfunction due to flaws in the software that in the hardware. However, elements such as the power supply or the fan may deteriorate and require replacement.

Examples of hardware devices

WebcamOptical drives
CPUDVD reader
Power supplyFan
USB sticksSpeakers
HDDPrinting machine
Video cardRAM
keyboard and mouse - input peripherals
The mouse and keyboard are also hardware devices.