20 Software Examples

First of all, we must distinguish two basic concepts in computing: software and hardware:

  • The hardware is the visible and tangible part of the computer, that is, its physical structure, which normally includes the CPU, the monitor and the keyboard as fundamental elements.
  • The software refers to the set of computer programs, instructions and rules that govern the processes that computers can carry out. This term was coined by John W. Tukey in 1957.

Without proper software, the computer will be useless. Included in the software are Software common like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, also browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and operating systems like Microsoft Windows or MacOS. It should be remembered that a program is a set of “understandable” instructions for a computer; the software runs inside the hardware.

Software is usually written in a programming language, which follows specific guidelines and provides the computer equipment with the instructions and data it needs to function as an information processor.

Its functions include managing resources, providing the tools to optimize these resources and being a kind of intermediary between the user and the information that is stored on the computer.

Software types

Within what is the software of a computer, it is usually distinguished between system software, application software and end-user software:

  • Application software. They are the programs destined to carry out a specific task.
  • System software. It is the set of programs that manage the global resources of the computer. It includes the operating system, device drivers, diagnostic tools, and servers, among others.
  • End User Software. They are what allow the end user to develop certain applications.

All of them usually work coordinated.

It is understood by software engineering It is the practical application of scientific knowledge at the service of the design and construction of computer programs and the associated documentation that is required to develop and operate them.

Software examples

Microsoft Windows 10Free distribution software
Open source softwareMacAfee
Proprietary softwarePhotoshop
TangoPicture manager
Acrobat ReaderCorel Draw