20 Examples of Rivers of Central America

The rivers They are water courses that are kept in permanent movement, with the particularity of serving as a connection between the water formations of less quantity and flow, and those of greater such as the seas and oceans.

Unlike what happens with the sea, most rivers they have fresh water. With their flow of water, they erode rocks and sediments, which generates a modeling of the landscape that sometimes cuts the depth of the earth.

Most of the river valleys They give a shape in the style of a ‘short V’, especially in high altitude areas where the uplift is recent.

Types of rivers

A large number of classifications can be made regarding the rivers of the world. The most common is the one that divides them according to the period of activity in which it is, with the following criteria:

  • Perennial rivers. They are those that are formed by water courses located in regions with frequent rains, allowing the possibility of experiencing seasonal and even daily changes in their flow level.
  • Seasonal rivers. They are those that have a Mediterranean climate, where the seasons generate a substantial difference in the flow and level of the river.
  • Allochthonous rivers. They are those that have waters that come from other rainier regions.
  • Transitory rivers. They are generated in deserts, arising in the rains that occur in areas where storms rarely occur.

However, it is very common for rivers to be classified according to sections that travel, to the condition of stability, to the age, to the material that constitutes the margins and the bottom, and to the conditions of solid transport.

Examples of rivers in Central America

20 Examples of Rivers of Central America

On Central America, most rivers flow into the Caribbean Sea, although there are some that do it directly in the Pacific Ocean. It is a typically mountainous and rugged area, with a large amount of mineral resources. The vegetation is rather similar to that common in the tropical environments of South America, which shows the similarity between many of the rivers in those regions.

The following list exposes some names of rivers in the Central American region:

  1. El Coco River. It goes from Honduras to the Caribbean Sea, with a length of 700 kilometers. The extension of the waters makes it have a multiplicity of living systems, many mammals and fish.
  2. Blue River. It is born in Guatemala and ends at the border between Mexico and Belize. It is very pretty and picturesque.
  3. San Juan River. It marks in one of its parts the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The area of ​​its basin is 35,000 square kilometers.
  4. Tempisque River. Located in Costa Rica, it belongs to the slope of the Pacific Ocean. It drains in the low and swampy area of ​​the Palo Verde National Park, and a large part of the country’s cattle production and extensive crops depend on its waters.
  5. Rio Grande.

More rivers in Central America

rivers of central america

  1. Hidden River
  2. Patuca River
  3. Chocón River
  4. Franco River
  5. Blue River
  6. Coyolate River
  7. Paulaya River
  8. Salamá River
  9. Arenal River
  10. Banano River
  11. Aguán River
  12. Ulúa River
  13. Motagua River
  14. Balsas River