20 Examples of Flora

The flora is the native plant population of a certain area. A geographic region is often characterized by describing its relief, its climate, water courses, and its flora and fauna. For instance: flora of the Patagonian steppe, Antarctic flora, flora of Peru.

By extension we also speak of flora in allusion to groups of living beings (particularly microscopic) adapted to live in a certain environment, such as the intestine or human skin, in which case expressions such as “intestinal flora“Or”skin flora”, Respectively.

It is important to say that the components of the native flora of a place are all vegetables, regardless of whether they form flowers or not. This encompasses all types of shrubs, trees, ferns, reeds, cacti, or natural grasses that can grow in a given habitat.

monteverde - jungle

Those who analyze the flora of a region are generally interested in knowing, in the first place, the number and distribution of plant species that can be found there, so they must be people who are knowledgeable about botany: Sometimes people speak of geobotany or phytogeography to refer to these disciplines.

Formerly they were the naturalists who were in charge of touring the areas and inventorying the flora. This was undoubtedly extremely laborious and even dangerous at times.

Why is flora important?

flora vegetation

The flora of a place is often a key element for the daily life of the locals, as some species are used to:

  • The obtaining the wood with which the inhabitants build houses and warehouses.
  • Acquisition of fruits and leaves that serve as food for animals and humans.
  • Extraction of fibers suitable for weaving, so that shelter can be provided.
  • Obtaining active principles useful to combat various health problems.
  • To have shadow, so necessary in the warmest areas of the planet, is provided by certain trees that make up the native flora. Even the cattle usually take shelter under the shade of the trees.

Examples of flora

Some examples are given below:

  1. Flora of the Patagonian steppe
  2. Flora of the Paraná delta
  3. Flora of the tucumano-oranense jungle
  4. Flora of Easter Island
  5. Flora of the oral cavity
  6. Understory flora
  7. Forest flora in Entre Ríos gallery
  8. Intestinal flora
  9. Australian native flora
  10. Flora of the mucous membranes
  11. Endemic flora of Argentina
  12. Flora of Peru
  13. Xerophilous flora of Mexico
  14. Argentine phanerogamic flora
  15. Antarctic flora
  16. Flora of Colombia
  17. Flora of the Iberá estuaries
  18. Flora of the Chaco park
  19. Flora of the missionary jungle
  20. Flora of the Lerma valley