Compilation of messages of condolence and condolences

The messages of condolence or condolences They are those that are usually sent to family, friends or relatives who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one.

In fact, the word “condolence” It comes from an archaic Spanish formula that literally means “it weighs on me”, that is, that the person grieves with the other’s pain, shares it, feels it as if it were their own. This gesture of solidarity is an affective and moral imperative, the absence of which is interpreted as disaffection or lack of solidarity.

How to offer condolences?

The usual and traditional ways of expressing this feeling are through:

  • Handwritten letters or condolence cards.
  • In person, visiting the home of the debtor, or the wake or burial of the deceased person. The latter implies a significant degree of closeness.
  • Phone calls.
  • Leaving a note in the funeral parlor books.
  • Communicating through the Internet if you are far away and do not have another more face-to-face means.

The way of express condolences It varies according to cultures and especially religions, but in almost all cases the physical presence is highly valued.

Even so, the messages of condolence and condolences are part of the formulas contained in the culture to deal with death, and their common places go through the shared pain, the exaltation of the goodness of the deceased, the exaltation of religious values ​​regarding the soul immortal or, simply, consolation and resignation as formulas for alleviating pain.

In some cases it can be accompanied by a biblical or literary quote.

Sample messages of condolence and condolences

Condolences in the workplace

  1. Dear Colleague, We are very saddened by the news of your recent loss. We share your pain and express our condolences at this difficult time.
  2. Dear colleague: we wish to extend our condolences and solidarity to you in these difficult times that you are going through with your family members. We trust that time will give you the peace and tranquility necessary to face this loss in the best possible way.
  3. Dear Colleague, The unfortunate news of your father’s passing has recently reached this office. Please accept our sincerest condolences and our hope that you may bear this important loss with resignation.
  4. Dear coordinator: on behalf of the work team we wish to convey our condolences for the loss recently suffered by you. Receive our sincere condolences.
  5. Dear customer: it is with great regret that we contact you to extend our condolences on the death of your wife. We hope that time will provide you with ways to cope with such an irreparable absence.
  6. Dear Investor: The news of your loss saddens us and we feel compelled to accompany you in these moments of grief. Please accept our condolences.
  7. Colleague: the news of your mother’s death has surprised and saddened all of us who consider working with you. It has also reminded us of the really important values ​​in life, which often go unnoticed in the daily life of the company. That is why we wanted to send you a fraternal greeting and a gesture that conveys our condolences. Rest in peace.
  8. Dear Raquel: Those of us who have the pleasure and honor of working with you have been shaken by the news of the recent death of your daughter. Knowing that no words can remedy the pain that you and yours feel, allow us to express our affection and our solidarity in these difficult times.
  9. Respected Mr. Carlos: the news of the sensitive death of your mother has reached this office. We wish to accompany you in the grief you undoubtedly feel and extend our condolences to you and your family members. May peace be upon her.
  10. Respected Professor: those of us who are part of your research group wish to be moved by the tragic loss that you and your wife are forced to bear. Receive our condolences and all our solidarity.

Condolences in the familiar or friendly

  1. Dear friend, I have no words to describe the pain that the death of your sister causes me. I pray to God for comfort and resignation to you and yours in this tragic moment. I extend a fraternal hug to you.
  2. Dear Milena, the sad news of your father’s death has unfortunately found me too far away to give you the hug that corresponds in these challenging situations. I hope you know that we all suffer with you and we have you and your children every night in our prayers. Rest in peace.
  3. Dear cousin: I wish to express my sorrow for the death of my aunt Cecilia, an unexpected and painful event that has cast a shadow over our lives for all of the family. Your mother was a vigorous and beloved woman, who will live forever in our memories. A hug.
  4. Dear Niece: I would like to have better advice to give you in a situation as painful as the loss of your husband. Unfortunately, we are never prepared for these situations nor do we really have what to say to ease the pain. I simply want to tell you that we are with you and that the entire family suffers with you this unfortunate news. We love you and you can count on us.
  5. My dear Miguel: I am much more sorry than I am capable of expressing to you the departure of your brother, who was a great friend and companion of adventures. I pray to God that he will give us all the strength to live without his company and missing him. My condolences in these hours of mourning.
  6. Dear Cristina: just one line to express my regret for Juana’s death, news that saddens me from the moment I heard about it from the newspaper. Receive from me and from Julián a big hug to cope with his absence with resignation.
  7. Dear nephew, the news of your mother’s death has left us all speechless. It’s hard to think of the world without his good humor and humorous comments, and I can hardly imagine how you will find yourself. Receive a hug from your family who loves you and accompanies you.
  8. Martha: It is in times like this, of deep loss, that friends should be there for us. I can’t imagine the pain you will be feeling over the loss of your daughter, but I want you to know that we are all with you. May our love and our company give you even a little comfort in the face of this heartbreaking news.
  9. Dear cousin, we have learned at home of the recent death of your sister and we wish to extend our sincere affection, little compared to the loss you are going through, but unfortunately everything that your loved ones can offer you at this time. Faith and resignation, cousin. Finally she will find the rest she needed.
  10. Dear Gabriela: I hope these lines get you a little more calm, after the pain so deep that your mother’s departure must have been. We cannot aspire to much more than those of us who knew the close bond that united them. Receive a hug and all my love.