20 Examples of Generosity

The generosity It is the attitude that a person has when acting selflessly for the good of another. It is a voluntary action that involves giving or offering something to others and that is closely related to goodness, since whoever exercises it does not expect anything in return. For instance: help an elderly person to cross a street or donate resources to people in need.

Is a virtue that it cannot be imposed and that it does not imply giving what has no value or is useless, but rather what has value, is in good condition and is lovingly destined for other people to use.

The acts of generosity they can include tangible or intangible elements. People can be generous in time, affection or love, which are intangible forms of generosity, or offer material objects, which are tangible goods.

A generous person is one who gives without expecting something in return.

Importance of generosity

Generosity is a fundamental component in social relationships because it allows to form strong and supportive bonds that constitute the basis of societies and communities harmonious. In an environment of generosity, people cooperate and help each other.

Because it involves selfless actions who only seek the welfare of others, generosity is one of the most valuable virtues of the human race. It is a quality that is related to values ​​such as solidarity, empathy and altruism. Generous people are characterized by being attentive, willing, responsible, open, empathetic, and considerate of others.

Generosity is a value that is apprehendedIn other words, the individual can incorporate it and turn it into a habit or way of life. It is for this reason that it is important to instill in children, from environments such as school or family, the importance of generosity.

Examples of generosity

  1. Help an old man cross a street.
  2. Serving lunch in a children’s dining room without receiving a salary or remuneration for it.
  3. Accompany an unknown and injured person while an ambulance arrives.
  4. Smile at people.
  5. Plant trees to avoid global overheating.
  6. Share food with a person.
  7. Donate money to non-profit organizations.
  8. Donate time to non-profit organizations.
  9. Donate resources to those in need.
  10. Give help to friends and family.
  11. Give the thanks.
  12. Donate blood.
  13. Donate objects or clothing in good condition.
  14. Serve in the face of a natural disaster.
  15. Give advice and share knowledge.
  16. Cook for those who need it.
  17. Address everyone with respect and politeness.
  18. Offer attentive listening to others.
  19. Donate organs and platelets.
  20. Give the seat in public transport to elderly and pregnant people.