Examples of Whole Wheat Flours

The whole wheat flour It is the food that is produced by the milling of the wheat grain, but without the refining process that generates the flour that is seen in most of the products is especially white. For instance: wholemeal bread, wholemeal sponge cake, wholemeal pasta.

Whole wheat flour, on the other hand, has a inhomogeneous brown color and a different flavor, more concentrated and natural. A large part of the contents, such as antioxidants, which are lost during the refining process, are contained in whole wheat flour and that is why many especially recommend their use.

The proportions of the nutrients in whole wheat flour They vary according to the type and quantity, but it is often considered a food rich in vitamin K. It also has a strong amount of magnesium, and has practically no purines. Like refined flour, but with a much higher proportion, whole wheat flour has iron, zinc and calcium.

Both whole wheat flour and refined flour have a very similar amount of calories, But it is common for the consumption of white flour to be much higher than that of whole wheat flour. This happens because white flours have some characteristics that make them especially addictive, while whole grains lack them.

As you can see, whole wheat flour is extremely beneficial for health. Most of the workers focused on disseminating its consumption are especially concerned with alerting about the dangers of excessive consumption of refined flour, and to a lesser extent expressing the advantages of this kind of flour.

Benefits of whole wheat flour

One of the biggest advantages is that in whole wheat flour, a large amount of fiber that makes foods based on it have a low glycemic index: this becomes beneficial because blood glucose levels do not destabilize, and the body does not demand more glucose quickly: this is what explains the Feeling full that comes before with this kind of flour.

By ridding the body of large intakes of glucose, diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk in general are prevented.

In addition to disease prevention, the fiber provided by whole wheat flour works to treat some diseases such as constipation and hypercholesterolemia.

Examples of whole foods

Foods made with whole grains (wholemeal flours) acquire the name of whole foods. In the following section there are some examples, in the case of wheat and flour.

  1. Wholemeal bread
  2. Pizza with whole wheat flour
  3. Puddings with whole wheat flour
  4. Muffins with whole wheat flour
  5. Wholemeal sponge cake
  6. Tortillas with whole wheat flour
  7. Wheat pasta
  8. Brownie cake
  9. Whole grain cookies
  10. Pancakes with whole wheat flour