Examples of Pollution Tests

The rehearsal It is a writing in prose in which the author develops a specific theme with style and personal character. Pollution essays are characterized by addressing a specific phenomenon on that topic. For example: Critical Essay on Environmental Education.

The tests are characterized by having a flexible structure. In addition, the author is not obliged to cite all the ideas that he exposes because the main feature of the essays is the freedom of the author at the time of expressing his ideas and thoughts.

In these texts, the arguments are the most important part. That is, the way in which the author conveys what he thinks and feels about the chosen topic. Therefore, the style of the essays is subjective and personal.

The length of the trials also varies. They can be very short (one page) or long (book).

Examples of Essays on Communication

  1. Climate changeby Gerarda Díaz Corderos.
  2. The protection of the environment and health, a current social and ethical challenge, by Vilma Rodríguez Morales, Leticia M. Bustamante Alfonso and Magdalena Mirabal Jean-Claude.
  3. The environmental challenge: lessons from COVID-19by Liliana María Gomez Luna.