Examples of Essays on the Environment

The test It is a writing in prose in which the author develops a specific theme with style and personal character. Essays on the environment address some aspect of the environment and pose a position on the subject. For instance: A short essay on sustainable development.

The tests are characterized by having a flexible structure. In addition, the author is not obliged to cite all the ideas that he exposes because the main feature of the essays is the freedom of the author at the time of expressing his ideas and thoughts.

In these texts, the arguments are the most important part, that is, the way in which the author transmits what he thinks and feels about the chosen topic. For this reason, the style of the essays is subjective and personal.

The length of the trials also varies. They can be very short (one page) or long (book).

Examples of environmental tests

  1. Biofuels, by Edmar Salinas Callejas and Víctor Gasca Quezada.
  2. Environmental Education for Sustainability in Secondary Educationby Raúl Calixto Flores.
  3. Sustainability and Sustainable development: a systemic approachby Gilberto Gallopín.
  4. Green jobs: the role of the state and companies in the face of climate changeby Eduardo Bianchi and Carolina Szpak.
  5. Sustainable Development: Interpretation and Analysis, by Alfredo Ramírez Treviño, Juan Manuel Sánchez Núñez and Alejandro García Camacho.