20 Examples of Bibliographic Cards

The huge number of books that exist in the world makes it necessary to create instruments that standardize the large amount of information that is generated around them. In the homes of fans of literature but especially in public libraries, the so-called bibliographic records they play an important role. These collect the essential facts about the book, which help to identify it easily.

Bibliographic files are very useful when conducting research as they provide information on the origin and sources of the cited texts.

There is no absolute standardization of bibliographic records, although most of the time they follow certain general guidelines, such as those established by the APA standards. The historical bibliographic record had the international format of 75 x 125 millimeters and had to have an ordered series of data.

What do the bibliographic files contain?

In all bibliographic records must appear:

  • First of all, the Author, the surname is written in capital letters and the name in lower case (in the case of a work with several authors, the file begins with the first one that appears on the cover of the book).
  • Then the presence of the title of the work and the edition number, followed by place and year of publication.
  • Then the Editorial seal who chose to publish the book, at the same time as the name of the book collection to which it belongs and the volume number within the collection, if it were a book that belongs to a collection. One of the fundamental elements of the bibliographic record is the international standard number (better known as ISBN or International Standard Book Number), which uniquely identifies each of the books produced in the world.
  • Then the number of pages and the signature, which is a code that appears in the upper right corner of the file and allows it to be physically located within the library.

Types of bibliographic record

According to the kind of data it can provide, the bibliographic record is classified into different groups.

  • The tab of single author, that of two authors and that of three or more authors will define whether or not the data of each of the signatories is placed.
  • The token of a anthology collects miscellaneous items and must be named after the collector.
  • The token of a thesis It must include the academic degree to which you aspired through this thesis and your title.
  • The chips hemerographic they refer to information taken from the media, while the research file includes relevant aspects of the content of a work.

Examples of bibliographic records

  1. Author: TOOLE, John Kennedy; Qualification: The conjuing of the ceciuos, Year of publication: 2001, City: Barcelona. Publisher label: Anagrama, 360 pages.
  2. Author: ALLENDE, Isabel; Qualification: The House of Spirits, Year of publication: 2001, City: Barcelona. Publisher stamp: Plaza & Janes, 528 pages.
  3. Author: GALTUNG, Johan; Qualification: Social research theory and methods, 2nd edition, translation by Edmundo Fuenzalida Faivovich, Year of publication: 1969, City: Buenos Aires. Publisher seal: Editorial Universitaria, 603 pages.
  4. Author: GRAHAM, Steve; Qualification: Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man, Year of publication: 2008, City: New York. Publishing label: Citadel Press Books, 290 pages.
  5. Author: DIOXADIS, Apostles; Qualification: Uncle Petros and the Goldbach conjecture, translation by María Eugenia Ciocchini, Year of publication: 2006, City: Barcelona. Publisher stamp: Pocket Zeta172, pages.
  6. Author: MANDELBROT, Benoit; Qualification: Fractal objects. Shape, chance and dimension, 4th. Edition, Metatemas13 Collection,; Year of publication: 1987, City: Barcelona. Publisher label: Tusquets, 213 pages.
  7. Author: AEBLI, Hans; Qualification: A didactics founded on the psychology of Jean Piaget, 2nd. edition, Year of publication: 1979, City: Buenos Aires. Publisher stamp: KAPELUSZ, 220 pages.
  8. Author: DE BARTOLOMEIS, Francisco; Qualification: Adolescent psychology and education, Year of publication: 1979, City: Mexico. Publishing label: Ediciones Roca, 155 pages.
  9. Author: CALVANCANTI, José; NEIMAN, Guillermo; Qualification: About the globalization of agriculture. Territories, companies and local development in Latin America, Year of publication: 2005, City: Buenos Aires. E Publishing label: Ciccus, 233 pages.
  10. Author: TOKATLIAN, Jorge; Qualification: Globalization, drug trafficking and violence, Year of publication: 2000, City: Buenos Aires. Publisher stamp: Norma, 120 pages.
  11. Author: LÓPEZ, Felicitas; Title: “Social and personality development”. In: Palacios, J., Marchesi, A. and Coll, C. (Comp.), Psychological development and education, Year of publication: 1995, City: Madrid. Publisher seal: Alliance, pp. 22-40.
  12. Author: STONE, Jane; CHURCH, Joyce; Qualification: The preschool child I, 2nd. Edition; Year of publication: 1963, City: Buenos Aires. Publisher label: Hormé.
  13. Author: FREUD, Anna; Title: “The evaluation of normality in childhood”. On: Normality and pathology in childhood, Year of publication: 1979, City: Buenos Aires. Publisher seal: Paidos, pp. 45-52.
  14. Author: FREUD, Anna; Qualification: Kindergarten Psychoanalysis and the education of the child, Year of publication: 1980, City: Barcelona. Publisher stamp: Paidos, 390 pages.
  15. Author: BERGER, Peter; LUCKMANN, Timothy; Title: “Society as objective reality”. On: The social construction of reality, Year of publication: 1984, City: Buenos Aires. Publisher label: Amorrortu, pp. 30-36.
  16. Author: GENETTE, Gérard; Qualification Figures III. Translation by Carlos Manzano. Year of publication: 1989; City: Barcelona, ​​Publisher label: Lumen ,. 338 pp.
  17. Author: MARTINELLI, María Laura; Qualification: Manual for ethnographic description. 2nd ed. Year of publication: 1979; City: San José, Costa Rica: OEA, Publishing seal: Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Documentation and Information; 36).
  18. Author: VILLAR, Antonio (Coord.); Qualification: A cycle of reflective teaching. Strategy for the design of green spaces. 2nd ed. Year of publication: 1996; City: Bilbao. Publisher stamp: Messenger Editions, 120 p.
  19. Author: HOLGUIN, Adrián; RAMOS HALAC, Jaime; Title: “Study of the impact of the Literacy Plan in primary schools in Puebla”. In: lV National Research Congress. Memories. , Year of publication: 1997; Mexico City; Publisher label: UADY. pp. 10-13.
  20. Author: Sambrook, Joseph, Maniatis, Tom; Fritsch, Edward. Qualification: Molecular Cloning: a Laboratory Manual, 2nd edition. Year of publication: 1989. City: New York. Publisher Label: Cold Spring Harbor, NY.