Examples of Mission, vision and values ​​of a company

It is often talked about mission, vision and values in the context of corporate communications and business identity. These are three different concepts in which the company’s philosophy is summed up, useful not only to be able to transmit it to clients or associates and have a robust own image in the market, but also to guide actions and decisions for the future.

What is the mission of a company?

The mission of a company is its reason for being, its reason for operation facing a target audience and a specific market niche. Beyond being profitable and generating profits, every company aims to satisfy a need and has a method to do so that distinguishes it from others in its field.

This mission can be easily defined if you try to answer the following questions: What do we do? What is our business? What is our target audience and our geographic area of ​​action? What distinguishes us from our competitors?

What is the vision of a company?

Vision, on the other hand, has to do with the future you long for for the company, that is, with an achievable situation in time that inspires long-term goals. These must be realistic, concrete and serve as motivation for the business project.

The vision can be determined by trying to answer the following questions: What do we intend to achieve? Where will we be in the future? For whom do I want to do what I do? What are our future tasks?

What are company values?

Finally, the values ​​summarize the ethical principles that sustain the spirit of the company and provide it with a code of behavior and decision. Are the company’s “personality” and they are constituted in their internal and external commandments in the face of their work.

To formulate company values, which should never be more than six or seven, the questions must be answered: How will we achieve our goals? What things will we do and not do along the way? What do we believe in as an organization? What lines will we not cross and what principles will we uphold?

Examples of mission, vision and values

  1. Nestle Spain

Mission. Contribute to the nutrition, health and well-being of people, making the highest quality products available to them at any time of the day and for all stages of life, and managing business in a way that creates value for the company at the same time than for society.

View. To be the company recognized as a leader in nutrition, health and wellness worldwide by its consumers, employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders related to the company’s activity.


    • Focus on long-term business development without losing sight of the need to continually deliver strong results for our shareholders.
    • Creating Shared Value as the fundamental way of doing business. To create long-term value for shareholders, we must create value for society.
    • Commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices that protect future generations.
    • Make a difference in everything we do through a passion for winning and creating gaps over our competitors with discipline, speed and flawless execution.
    • Understand what adds value to our consumers and focus on providing that value in everything we do.
    • Serve our consumers by continuously challenging ourselves to reach the highest levels of quality in our products and never compromising food safety standards.
    • Continuous improvement towards excellence as a way of working, avoiding drastic and sudden changes.
    • More contextual than dogmatic vision of the business, which implies that decisions are pragmatic and based on facts.
    • Respect and openness towards the diversity of cultures and traditions. Nestlé strives to integrate itself into the cultures and traditions of each country in which it is present, while maintaining its fidelity to the values ​​and principles of the Company.
  1. Sancor

Mission. Add value to milk for the benefit of associates.

View. To be leaders in the national dairy sector, with a strong international projection, based on cooperative principles and through innovative products that contribute to the nutrition of consumers.


    • Teamwork
    • permanent training
    • Flexibility and adaptation to change
    • Permanent innovation in processes and products
    • Commitment to quality and nutrition
    • Customer orientation in products and services
    • environmental sustainability
    • Corporate social responsibility
  1. National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City

Mission. We have assumed the commitment and responsibility to represent, defend and promote the business activities of commerce, services and tourism in Mexico City, providing them with quality services that meet the expectations of the businessmen who are part of the membership.

View. All of us who participate in the tasks of the Chamber have the common goal of making the Chamber consolidate itself as the most prestigious and traditional business representation institution in Mexico.


    • Commitment and responsibility to represent, defend and promote business activities.
    • Serving is a privilege.
  1. Coca-Cola Company Spain


    • refresh the world
    • Inspire moments of optimism and happiness
    • Create value and make a difference


    • Persons. Being a good place to work, that people feel inspired to give the best of themselves every day.
    • Drinks. Offer a varied portfolio of quality products that anticipate and satisfy the wishes and needs of consumers.
    • partners. Develop a network to create a common and lasting value.
    • Planet. Being a responsible citizen who makes a difference by helping to build and support sustainable communities.
    • Benefit. Maximize return for shareholders while keeping in mind the general responsibilities of the Company.
    • Productivity. Be an efficient and dynamic organization.


    • Collaboration. Promote collective talent.
    • Integrity. Be transparent.
    • Leadership. Strive to shape a better future.
    • To be accountable. Be responsible.
    • Passion. Be committed with the heart and with the mind.
    • Diversity. Have a wide range of brands and be as inclusive as them.
    • Quality. Search for excellence.
  1. ruby ruby

Mission. Get over ourselves. Create contemporary luxury embodied in the art of exclusivity. Design jewelry to experience unique sensations. Having teams of designers and master goldsmiths constantly studying to make the art of jewelry exquisite collections. Help our team use its full potential to create jewelery with identity, enhancing whoever wears it. Continue producing high quality with the aim that our label represents the highest standards of jewelry production. The challenge is to constantly inspire and innovate to create unique collections. Inspire magic and energy through our creations.

View. We are an avant-garde company oriented at all times to:
Create a jewelry style based on the jewel-art concept. Achieve the recognition of the most demanding. Ensure that our team improves day by day, actively participating with ideas, suggestions and positive solutions. Achieve iconic pieces: create a recognizable style with a strong personality. Put ourselves at the forefront of the contemporary jewelry fashion trend. We aspire for our jewels to have an emotional bond with their owners, transmitting magic, passion and emotion.


Sustain ourselves on two fundamental pillars: seriousness and honesty, based on a true commitment to responsibility as an ethical standard in all our actions.

    • High quality
    • Prestige
    • Excellence
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Teamwork
    • Identity
    • Professionalism
    • Passion: committed to the soul and mind