Examples of collaboration

The collaboration it is any joint effort between two or more people, institutions, countries or even organizations. For instance: Grafo Agreement, ALBA, mutualism between the toad and the spider.

The collaboration is based on one or more of the following premises, depending on each case:

  • The goal to be achieved is inaccessible without the help of another, who also has an interest in the goal.
  • One goal is achieved more efficiently or quickly with the help of another, who also has an interest in the goal.
  • Two or more entities have different but related objectives.
  • Two or more entities have different objectives and can help each other achieve them.

In other words, the collaboration can be based on the existence of a common objective or on an exchange of services.

Examples of collaboration in everyday life

  1. In a family, after dinner, the eldest son can remove the dishes from the table while the second son washes the dishes and the youngest son dries and puts them away.
  2. In a family, one parent may spend more time looking after the children and the house while another parent spends more time earning money. Traditionally, the woman who was in charge of taking care of the children was the woman and the man who was in charge of earning money. However, this form of collaboration currently takes other forms, with mothers who work outside the home and fathers who take care of their children more time.
  3. At school, children can erase the board after each class to make it easier to start the next one.
  4. In the shared rooms, each inhabitant can keep their personal belongings in order, achieving overall order in the room.

Collaborations between countries

  1. Second World War. During this war that occurred between 1939 and 1945, the participating countries divided into two groups. The Axis Powers were a collaboration primarily between Germany, Japan, and Italy, with partners such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Thailand, Iran, and Iraq. Opposed to them, the collaboration between France, Poland and the United Kingdom was formed, who were later joined by Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands and then the United States.

Collaborations between institutions

  1. Graph Agreement. Collaboration between the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the General Directorate of Public Health in Catalonia. Both institutions collaborate to carry out health training for health personnel.
  2. SUNRISE. Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America. It is a collaborative organization between Venezuela, Cuba, Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Granada, Nicaragua, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Suriname. The objective of this collaboration is to fight against poverty and social exclusion.
  3. Mercosur. It is a common market area established between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Bolivia, with the aim of generating commercial opportunities between member countries.

Musical collaborations

  1. Under Pressure. This collaboration between David Bowie and the band Queen is one of the most famous in contemporary music.
  2. Titanium. Collaboration between David Guetta and singer-songwriter Sia. Although Sia had composed many successful songs, only her name became known globally from this collaboration.
  3. Love the way you lie. Collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna.

Example of collaboration between companies

  1. Skincare company Biotherm collaborated with car manufacturer Renault to create a “spa car.” This collaboration builds on Biotherm’s knowledge of skin health and Renault brings its car design and manufacturing capabilities.

Examples of inter-agency collaboration

  1. Mutualism between the toad and the spider. The tarantula is a large spider. The toad can enter the burrow of the tarantula and remain there since the toad protects it from parasites and takes care of its eggs. The toad benefits from the protection of the tarantula.
  2. Mutualism between hippos and birds. Some birds feed on parasites found on hippos’ skin. The hippopotamus benefits from the elimination of organisms that harm it while the bird, in addition to feeding, receives the protection of the hippopotamus.