Difference between Mission and Vision

The mission and the vision are two of the fundamental principles that build the identity of a company or organization. They are two different concepts, which stand as a pillar to describe the strategy and objectives of an organization.

The mission and the vision are usually synthesized in a few sentences or phrases, they are raised simultaneously and must be coherent with each other.

  • Mission. Postulate the purpose or objective of a business or organization (why does it exist? What does it do?). It reflects the essence, the reason for being of a company. The mission must be specific, authentic, unique. For instance: Create more smiles in every sip and in every bite. (Pepsico mission)
  • Vision. Set a long-term goal ambitiously and optimistically. Describe the place where you want the company or organization to arrive in the future. The vision must be the north that guides and inspires everyone who is part of the project. For instance: To be the world leader in food and beverage. (Pepsico vision)

Mission characteristics

  • It reflects the spirit and objectives of the company.
  • It is usually expressed in the present tense in a simple and concise way.
  • You must take into consideration what the task of the company is, who performs it and what are the benefits.
  • It usually specifies to whom the product or service is directed and establishes the differences with the competition.
  • It sets out the day-to-day objective of the company: achievements that aim to achieve the vision that is proposed for the future.

Vision characteristics

  • Summarize the aspirations of the company.
  • It must be a clear objective that marks the way forward for everyone who joins the organization.
  • It is usually applied in the future tense, and gives meaning to the short and medium term objectives.
  • It poses a constant challenge and should be an ideal that encompasses all sectors of the organization.
  • It is timeless, it does not define a period or a specific date for its fulfillment.

Importance of mission and vision in an organization

Mission and vision are two fundamental tools in any organization: they give identity and set the course. These must be communicated to employees, customers, suppliers, unions, the media, the government.

The formulation of these principles requires a deep knowledge about the bases and objectives of the organization. They must be drafted by the management leadership, board of directors or founding members, taking into account the context and the real possibilities of the institution.

The bases of a company or organization are often reflected in the goods or services produced and in the loyalty of customers. Having a defined path and a common goal generates commitment and motivates employees.

Added to the vision and mission are values, which are the principles or beliefs that an organization possesses and on which it builds its identity and guides projects and decisions.

Examples of mission and vision

  1. The ceiling

Mission. To work with determination in informal settlements to overcome poverty through the training and joint action of their men and women, young men and women volunteers, and other actors.

Vision. A just, egalitarian, integrated and poverty-free society in which all people can fully exercise their rights and duties, and have opportunities to develop their capacities.

  1. Tetra Pak

Mission. We work for and with our customers to provide them with preferred food processing and packaging solutions. We apply a commitment to innovation, understanding consumer needs, and supplier relationships to deliver those solutions, where and when food is consumed. We believe in responsible industrial leadership, in developing profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and in corporate social responsibility.

Vision. We are committed to making food safe and available everywhere. Our vision is the ambitious goal that drives our organization. Determine our role and purpose in the outside world. It gives us, internally, a shared and unifying ambition.

  1. Avon

Mission. Global Leader in Beauty. The choice of women to buy. The Premier Direct Seller. The best place to work. The largest Foundation for women. The most admired Company.

Vision. To be the Company that best understands and satisfies the needs for products, service and self-esteem of women around the world.

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