Examples of how to fill letter envelopes

We are used to sending our correspondence by email. However, many times it is necessary to send some documents by traditional mail. For this it is important to take into account a series of precautions and definitions:

  • Chosen envelope size: Except for telegrams, so-called “letter documents” and postcards, all other documents sent by post must be in an envelope. If you are sending an important, multi-page document, such as a contract, it is preferable to choose an envelope the size of the printed sheet (usually C4, 229 mm x 324 mm) to avoid folding the paper. If it is an informal letter or a single paper, you can choose a smaller envelope and fold the paper, one or two times maximum (DL size, 220mm x 110mm) (C4 and DL sizes are standardized ISO formats. ) The envelope can be simple (it is necessary to add glue to close it), gummed (it has a glue that must be moistened) or self-adhesive (it has a glue covered by a protector).
  • Sender: It is the person who sent the letter.
  • Addressee: It is the person, company or institution that receives the letter.
  • Stamp, stamp or postage stamp: Letters cannot be sent without having paid the corresponding amount. Before depositing it in the mailbox, it is important to check with the post office.

Parts of a letter envelope

On small envelopes (DL or smaller), the recipient’s information can be written on the front (the part of the envelope that is not divided) and the sender’s information on the back, that is, where the envelope seal is.

Adressee details: Approximately in the center of the envelope.

Sender details: In the top left-hand corner.

Stamp: Always leave a sector on the left side of the envelope for mail (postage, stamp or stamp).

In each country there are some small differences on how to write the data, both for the sender and the recipient. However, the general format is the same:

Name and surname

Company or institution (when necessary)
Street and number / number and street (depending on the country) Office or apartment number (when necessary)
Zip Code, City / Town, Zip Code
Province / State
Country (when shipped from another country)

la carta11 13 728 la carta11 14 728

Examples of filling letter envelopes

Mr. John Huston
20 Chester Lane
Bethnal green
E2 1AA

Intrumentos Ibericos SA
Calle Mayor, 50, Bajo
02500 Tobarra – Albacete

Robert Bosch Spain, SA
Service Center
c / Hermanos García Noblejas, 23
28037 Madrid

Joao amorim
Rua do Salitre, 1
1269 – 052 Lisbon

Eurolines Ltd.
Bus Station Birmingham
Mill lane
B5 6DD

Taguspark, Qualidade Buildings, Block B3
Rua Professor Dr. Aníbal Cavaco Silva
2740 – 120 Porto Salvo

Liliana Pazmin
Customer Support
Diagonal 25 G # 95 to 55
Bogota 110911

Mrs. Rocío González
Bocagrande Executive Center Building
Office 1103 Carrera 3, No. 8 – 129
Cartagena, Bolivar

Administrative Direction
Avenida 17 No. 65B – 95
Bogota 111611

M. André Dupont
Rue Allemand 15
1003 Lausanne