60 Examples of Roman Numerals

The Roman numerals they are those that were used from Ancient Rome until the fall of the Roman Empire. This system is composed of seven capital letters that are equivalent to a number of the decimal system. And, that to achieve certain figures, they must be combined with each other. For example: II, XX, XCI, DI.

These numbers practically have fallen into disuse, but they are associated with the numbering of certain issues, such as the chapters of a book or to enumerate the centuries. Also, to list conferences or meetings.

Letters and their values

Below is the list of the seven letters and their respective values ​​in the decimal system:

  1. I: one
  2. v: 5
  3. X: 10
  4. L: fifty
  5. C: 100
  6. D: 500
  7. M: 1000

examples of roman numerals

  1. II: two
  2. XX: twenty
  3. XCI: 91
  4. LX: 60
  5. LXXX: 80
  6. CCXXXI: 231
  7. GAVE: 501
  8. DLXI: 561
  9. DCCXXII: 722
  10. MXXIII:1023
  11. MLXVIII: 1068
  12. MCLXXXIX: 1189
  13. MCCXIV: 1214
  14. MMXXVII: 2027
  15. MMCCLXIV: 2264
  16. MDI: 2501
  17. MMMVIII: 3008
  18. MMMCX: 3110
  19. MMMCLI: 3151
  20. MMMCCXVI: 3216
  21. MMMCCLX: 3260
  22. MMMCCXC: 3290
  23. MMMCCCXLIV: 3344
  24. MMMCDXVIII: 3418
  25. MMMDXI: 3511
  26. MMMDL: 3550
  27. MMMDCXIX: 3619
  28. MMMDCCXLVI: 3746
  29. MMMCMIX: 3909
  30. IVLXVIII: 4068
  31. IVCX: 4110
  32. IVCCCXLIX: 4349
  33. IVDLXXXI: 4581
  34. IVDCCXVIII: 4718
  35. IVDCCLXXIV: 4774
  36. IVDCCCLXX: 4870
  37. IVCMI: 4950
  38. IVCMLXXVIII: 4978
  39. IVCMXCVIII: 4998
  40. v: 5000

Examples of sentences with roman numerals

  1. This movie was filmed in the year MCMLI, at Universal Studios. It is a classic of American cinema.
  2. To better address this topic, refer to the chapter 7th. There you will find all relevant explanations.
  3. In the century XX the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind were recorded.
  4. We meet at the 21st award ceremony for the best universities in the country.
  5. To find the director of this school you must go to the room XII.
  6. In the century fifteenth Columbus arrived in America. This implied many changes in world history.
  7. It’s about the III international conference on the fight against gender violence.
  8. That information is in the volume IV of the encyclopedia, you can find it there.
  9. in the footnote XXXII Explain what this acronym means.
  10. is the work 19th the one that brought him to fame. Before, he was an absolutely unknown musician in his country.
  11. The most important thoughts within Greek philosophy would place them in the century v BC.
  12. No, you are confused, that happened in the second part of the century seventeenth, not before.
  13. They just show it in the part III of the saga.
  14. For me, the most complete volume is the eleventhbut they are all very good.
  15. Look at the number section XXV, there it is detailed how this topic should be approached.
  16. The listing has LX points, you have to memorize them all in order to pass the exam.
  17. did you see rocky III? I only saw the I.
  18. In the living room fourteenth is the largest desk.
  19. Its about X Forum for the Fight against AIDS that we carry out in this institution.
  20. I wish I was born in the century fifteenth.