15 Examples of Contradictions

A contradiction occurs when an argument contains elements that are opposite or that are in opposition. For instance: Juan is my father, but he is not my father. If one of the terms is true, therefore the other is false (or vice versa), since a thing cannot be both true and false.

The word contradiction comes from the Latin term contradictory, word composed of: against (“Opposition”) and I will say (“tell”).

Principle of non-contradiction

The principle of non-contradiction is a principle of logic and philosophy according to which: “it is impossible for something to be and not to be at the same time and in the same sense.” For instance: it is not possible for an object to be a tree and not be, at the same time, a tree.

The origin of this principle was formulated by the Greek philosopher, Parmenides, who stated: “what is is and what is not is not”. For his part, Aristotle, in his Metaphysics, formulated: “it is impossible that, at the same time and under the same relationship, the same attribute occurs and does not occur in the same subject.”

Examples of contradictions

  1. Life is long and it is short.
  2. I’m seeing you but I don’t see you.
  3. I love her and hate her at the same time.
  4. The rain makes me wet but I’m not wet.
  5. Never say Never.
  6. The car is white, but black.
  7. I bought the ticket, and I didn’t buy the ticket.
  8. Now it rains and it does not rain.
  9. Today is Monday and Thursday.
  10. It is not blue and red, it is red and blue.
  11. There is a lot of fog and excellent visibility.
  12. The task is easy, and very difficult.
  13. Lions are not orange, they are orange.
  14. The car is green, and the car is not green.
  15. To be and not to be.
  16. I crossed the street but did not cross the street.
  17. It is not expensive, it costs a lot of money.
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