30 Examples of Small, Medium and Large Companies

Companies are hierarchical and structured organizations, orchestrated around a specific niche. It usually translates into economic or material rewards for all its members. They are the most predominant form of employment in the contemporary world.

According to the amount of employees that it has and the volume of operations that it executes, the companies will be classified into small (sometimes even micro), medium and large. Although the scales of this distinction may vary, it is often spoken of:

  • Small companies. They tend to have fewer than 20 or 30 employees (microenterprises tend to target fewer than ten). Together with the medians, they are the most numerous type of company that exists. For instance: Madera Fina editorial, Artcrete, Dakkar Car Rental.
  • Medium companies. Their range is between 20 and some figure close to two hundred employees. For instance: Arturo’s, Seguros Oriente, GNL Mejillones.
  • Large companies. They exceed two hundred employees. The gigantic multinationals can even house thousands or millions of employees throughout the world. For instance: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Telefónica.

Small business examples

  1. Fine Wood editorial. Venezuelan independent publisher.
  2. Payamps sandwiches. Cafeteria in the Dominican Republic.
  3. Artcrete. North American concrete finishing company.
  4. MadeinLocal. Social network of events 100% originally from the Canary Islands.
  5. Protegetuweb.com. A Spanish web security services company (Girona).
  6. Dakkar Car Rental. Located in Curaçao, it is a car rental company.
  7. Magic Balloon Clothing Company. Independent company of the textile sector and Internet sales located in Venezuela.
  8. Eloisa Cartonera. Independent Argentine publisher that manufactures its books from waste material.
  9. Insar Real Estate. Dedicated to construction, infrastructure and furniture, located in Mexico.
  10. Nelson Garrido Organization (NGO). Art education and photography services, located in Caracas and Buenos Aires.

Examples of medium-sized companies

  1. Arturo’s. A chain of fried chicken restaurants in Venezuela.
  2. East Insurance. Ecuadorian road and automobile insurance company.
  3. EMPROCER, S. A. Rural or social incubator of Mexican agribusiness.
  4. Alsus it group SAS. Colombian technology and computer systems company.
  5. Telsec, SA. Consulting, teaching and outsourcing firm in accounting and financial areas of Peru.
  6. Shuffle Masters (SHFL entertainment). North American company dedicated to the entertainment sector: cards, shuffling machines, casino tables, etc.
  7. Construcciones Amenabar, S. A. Spanish construction company in the top 50 of successful medium-sized companies in the country.
  8. LNG Mussels. Chilean company dedicated to the field of energy production.
  9. Zanzini Móveis. Brazilian furniture manufacturer.
  10. English Culture BH. Brazilian company dedicated to professional training in the English language.

Examples of large companies

  1. Coca Cola. One of the most legendary big American companies, often taken as a landmark or symbol of the corporate growth of capitalism.
  2. Microsoft. The corporate colossus of computing, rivaled only by Apple Inc, and accused of monopolistic strategies.
  3. Movistar. Huge transnational company of mobile services, of Spanish origin.
  4. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). It is one of the banking giants of Asia, with a prominent participation in multiple Western stock exchanges.
  5. Nokia. Telecommunications and technology transnational of Finnish origin and one of the largest in the world.
  6. Santillana. The multinational textbook and education company, of Spanish origin, generates the highest percentage of textbooks in Spanish in the world.
  7. Barnes & Noble. The largest bookstore in the entire US, operating through its own distribution chain.
  8. Monsanto. North American company of biotechnology and genetically modified seeds.
  9. Burger King. One of the largest fast food franchises in the world, second only to McDonald’s.
  10. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). Banking transnational of Spanish origin and presence throughout the Hispanic world.