100 Examples of Arthropod Animals

The arthropod animals They are invertebrate animals that have a body made up of an exoskeleton (called the cuticle), articulated appendages, and repetitive segments. Arthropod animals can be: arachnids, insects, crustaceans and myriapods. For instance: the spider, the fly, the crab and the centipede.

exist more than a million species of arthropod animals, so this phylum is considered the most numerous in the animal kingdom. The different species inhabit terrestrial, aquatic and aerial ecosystems.

Types of arthropod animals

  • Arachnids. They are arthropod animals that have four pairs of legs, two tagmas and do not have wings or antennae. Most arachnids feed on insects, are oviparous and are present in all climates and regions of the world. For instance: spiders, such as the crab spider, scorpions, such as the fat-tailed scorpion, and mites, such as the tick.
  • Insects. They are arthropod animals that have three pairs of legs, two pairs of wings, and antennae. They are characterized by being the most abundant and diverse type of animal on the planet, they inhabit all types of climates and in terrestrial, water and aerial ecosystems. Depending on the case, they feed on vegetables, wood, feces and some parasitize other organisms. For instance: Lepidoptera, like the butterfly, Diptera, like the fly, and Hymenoptera, like the ant.
  • Crustaceans. They are arthropod animals that have two pairs of antennae and many have the thorax protected in a shell. They are usually sea-dwelling animals, although some are freshwater and a few inhabit terrestrial ecosystems. There are crustaceans of different sizes that feed on dead animals, algae, other crustaceans, snails, eggs, among others. For instance: crab, shrimp, water flea and lobster.
  • Myriapods. They are arthropod animals that have several pairs (even hundreds) of legs. They are characterized by having a long trunk divided into ringed segments, antennae and are often confused with insects. There are many species of myriapods and they all inhabit terrestrial ecosystems (especially in humid environments). Most feed on plants or other organisms in the process of decomposition. For instance: centipedes, scolopendra and diplopods.

Examples of arthropod animals


tarantula - tracheal respiration
There are more than 45,000 species of spiders.
Wasp spiderPseudoscorpionTick
Black widowVinegar


bees - arthropods
The bee is an arthropod animal.
AscalaphidPraying mantisWeevils
Asian hornetMonarch butterflyLeaf insect
Devil’s horseMembracidButterfly
BugWhite flySesia
Water bugMosquitoYesvalid
CicadaMoth caterpillarGadfly


crab arthropod animals
Crabs are fresh and saltwater crustaceans.
AnaspidaceaSpider crabCrab
AnatifaCrayfishPea crab
AmphipodNorway lobster trunk Moorish crab
Sea spiderCricket crawfishCephalocarid
ArtemiaCopepodaSpider crab
Sea acornPrawnShrimp
American lobsterMarine royal cricketLepas
Sand witchAnchor wormMystacoccharide
ShrimpGiant isopodCrab
Elf shrimpCrab


CentipedePauropodaGreenhouse millipede