30 Examples of Natural Sounds and Artificial Sounds

30 Examples of Natural Sounds and Artificial Sounds

The Sense of hearing It allows all the people who have developed it correctly (and have not lost it) to be able to identify with greater or lesser accuracy the origin of the sounds they perceive.

The propagation of sound is carried out by means of waves that need a medium to propagate. One medium can be air or water, for example. Waves are distinguished from each other by certain physical quantities.

It is these magnitudes that make certain sounds can be perceptible for a young person and not for an older one, or that some can be heard by certain animals and not by people.

The fact that human beings are part of nature makes it very difficult to classify the sounds that are produced by their presence and those that are produced in nature without it. However, a sensible criterion for classifying sounds into artificial sounds and natural sounds is to think of a certain degree of human intervention that makes sound more artificial than natural.

Examples of natural sounds

  1. The buzz of a bee
  2. Wind
  3. The human voice (although it is performed by the person, it precedes their will)
  4. The roar of a tiger
  5. The sound of a stream passing over the stones
  6. The sound of the rain hitting the earth
  7. The sound of the fire when the wood burns
  8. The barking of a dog
  9. The flapping of a seagull
  10. The heartbeat
  11. The howling of a cat
  12. The sound of the leaves of a tree moving in the wind.
  13. The thunder of a storm
  14. The mooing of a cow
  15. The noise of the galloping horse

Examples of artificial sounds

airplane flying - man-made noise

  1. The sound associated with an airplane
  2. The ‘tick-tock’ of a clock
  3. The usual sound of an alarm
  4. The Horn
  5. The voice of a person interfered with by a megaphone
  6. The noise of a traffic collapse
  7. The noise of a vacuum cleaner
  8. The sound of old cameras
  9. The noise of a stapler
  10. Any melody
  11. Music coming from a piano
  12. A police siren
  13. The sound of an elevator
  14. The harmonica music of a violin (although the string is a natural concept)
  15. The noise of a printer