20 Examples of Energy Transformation

The energy transformation It is the ability to produce a movement or to cause the transformation or modification of something. Among the different types of energy we find:

Types of energy

Potential energyMechanical energyKinetic energy
Hydroelectric powerInternal energySound Energy
Electric powerThermal energyhydraulic energy
Chemical energySolar energyCaloric energy
Wind powerNuclear energyGeothermal energy

We can define “energy transformation” as the conversion of one energy to another. It is important to clarify that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply transformed. And in this transformation the total energy is maintained, that is, it does not increase or decrease. In general, human beings transform energy to use it in the best possible way, according to their needs.

Examples of energy transformation

Some examples could be the following:

  1. To light a lamp, you need energy electric. Once it is turned on, what happens is that that energy is transformed into luminous and in thermal. While the first is the one that illuminates the place, the second heats it.
  2. From a generator it is possible to convert the energy mechanics on electric.
  3. To throw an arrow at a target, energy is used potential, which is the one that manages to tighten the rope. Once the arrow is thrown, the energy in question is transformed into kinetics. The arrow then hits the target, structurally modifies its molecules on impact, and finally slows down. This causes the kinetic energy to be partly transformed into calorific.
  4. An engine, for example a car, transforms energy thermodynamics on mechanics.
  5. In the old days, trains were put in motion from coal. This was possible because the energy caloric of coal is transformed into kinetics.
  6. To turn on an iron, we need energy electric. Once the appliance is turned on, the electrical energy is converted to thermal.
  7. Nuclear fission transforms energy chemistry on atomic.
  8. Solar panels are what allow energy to be transformed solar on electric.
  9. Energy wind can easily become mechanics. For this, you need a mill that moves through the air masses, that is, the wind.
  10. To function, cars need fuel. Fuel contains amounts of energy chemistry that when they come into contact with a burning object, such as a spark, and then with oxygen, energy is converted calorific, and then go on to be transformed into energy kinetics.
  11. Batteries work in such a way that they transform energy chemistry on electric.
  12. Energy tidal that is produced from the movements of sea water masses can be transformed into energy electric from ducts and turbines.
  13. Hair dryers work in the following way: they go from energy electric that occurs when the appliance is plugged into power mechanics. This transformation is what makes it possible for the engine containing the artifact to start up. In turn, another part of the electrical energy is converted into thermal, which allows hot air to be generated. Finally, another portion of the energy becomes sound, which is the one that is constantly heard when the dryer is on.
  14. When we light a candle, the energy chemistry involved in the combustion process is transformed into two other energies: caloric and luminous.
  15. Roller coasters are also a clear example of energy transformation. In them, energy is passed kinetics to potential, and vice versa, constantly. The same happens in a hammock: when the hammock is lowered, the potential energy decreases while the kinetics increases, and vice versa: when it rises, the kinetics decreases and the potential, increases.
  16. When electricity-generating windmills are used, what is transformed is energy wind on electricity.
  17. If a body is dropped, the energy potential that it possesses in the place from which it begins its movement, it becomes kinetic al descend and gain speed.
  18. When a boiler is lit, what happens is that the energy chemistry becomes mechanics.