25 Examples of Frugivorous Animals

The frugivorous animals They are those that feed, partially or exclusively, on fruits. There are mammals, birds, reptiles and frugivorous fish. For instance: gorilla, parrot, squirrel.

The fruit It is one of the most nutritious and complete foods, which is why it is part of the diet of many herbivorous animals. 20% of the mammals that exist around the planet eat fruit.

In general, frugivorous animals do not only eat fruits, they also ingest leaves, seeds and insects. For instance: the tapir or the chimpanzee they feed on fruits, plants and insects.

By not eating meat, frugivorous animals have more stunted canine fangs and teeth and more developed molars. its teeth it is adapted to the consumption of fruits, with teeth capable of piercing the skin and breaking seeds or stones.

gorilla - frugivorous animals
The gorilla is an example of a frugivorous animal.

Role in the food chain

Many frugivorous animals, such as mammals and birds, fulfill an essential function in ecosystems, since they are propagators of seeds.

They are animals that have their digestive system prepared to not digest the seeds and, in addition, scarification occurs in the digestive tract, a process in which the external structure of the seed is weakened, which helps its subsequent germination.

After eating the fruit, the animal expels the seeds on the ground so that a new individual grows, which will favor the development of ecosystems and the food chain. This process is known as “endozoocoria”.

Examples of frugivorous animals

ChipmunkHowler monkeyParrot
BonoboFruit flyMacaque
CalenderFruit batIguana
ChimpanzeeDwarf tupayaField rabbit
Field bugParakeetToucan
GorillaLand turtleFlying fox
DormouseTiti monkey
frugivorous parrot
Parrots are also frugivores.