10 Examples of Air-Ground Animals

According to him habitat where they live, animals can be classified into:

  • Aquatic: They live in water. Some breathe underwater while others, like cetaceans, need to rise to the surface to take in oxygen.
  • Terrestrial: They move on land, they do not have the ability to fly and they cannot live permanently in water, even if they can swim.
  • Air-ground: They are what have the ability to fly. However, they also depend on the terrestrial environment to reproduce. These are generally birds and insects.

Examples of aerial-terrestrial animals

eagle - air ground

Please, watch:

  • Eagle: Bird of prey, that is, it is a hunter (predatory).
  • Peregrine falcon: Bird of fine halas that can reach great speeds to the flight. It is bluish in color with a whitish lower area and dark spots. The head is black. It lives on almost the entire planet. It hunts birds on the fly, but also mammals, reptiles and insects, so it depends on the ground for hunting.
  • Country goose: Lives in Europe and Asia. It feeds on grass, cereals and roots. When they reproduce, they form their nests on the ground.
  • Dragon-fly: It is a paleopter, that is to say an insect that cannot fold its wings on the abdomen. Its wings are strong and transparent. It has multifaceted eyes and an elongated abdomen.
  • Fly: Dipteran insect. Although as adults they can fly, when they hatch they go through a larval period in which they are purely terrestrial animals, until metamorphosis is complete.

fly - air-ground animals

  • Bee: Hymenoptera insects, that is, they have membranous wings. These flying organisms have a great impact on terrestrial life, since they are responsible for pollinating flowering plants.
  • Bat: They are the only mammals with the ability to fly. Like bees, they perform a pollinating function for flowering plants and also for dispersing seeds, to the point that some species of plants are totally dependent on bats for their reproduction.
  • Hummingbird: Birds originating from the American continent. They are among the smallest birds in the world.
  • Toucan: Bird with a highly developed beak and intense colors. It can measure up to 65 cm. They are distributed in wooded areas, from humid forests to temperate forests.
  • House sparrow: Of the sparrows, it is the best known to city dwellers since they also adapt to urban spaces. It inhabits all continents with the exception of Antarctica.