15 Examples of Reciprocity, Equity and Cooperation

The reciprocity, the equity and the cooperation they are values ​​that people or groups possess within a society. These positive attitudes promote solidarity, equality and the harmonious development of a community.

Although these terms are often confused (since some situations have all three characteristics), each one reflects a unique value.

What is reciprocity?

The reciprocity It is the exchange of goods, favors or services that takes place between people or organizations. Reciprocity implies the mutual benefit of the parties, responds to an action, favor or gesture with an equal or similar one. For instance: Juan teaches Mario math and he teaches him French.

It is one of the fundamental values ​​in every human relationship. It is part of a social norm that is implicit, but is known by all members of a society or community.

Reciprocity can also occur in political and international relations, when a country assumes, together with another government, guidelines, duties and rights with the condition of obtaining reciprocal treatment. For instance: two Asian countries establish a free trade agreement.

What is equity?

The equity It is the value that recognizes people with equal rights and opportunities and takes into account the differences between them.

Equity means giving each person or group their due without favoring one or harming another. For instance: The contracts of the employees of the company belonging to the same job are equal in responsibilities and benefits for which they receive a fair salary in return.

Equity is related to the concepts of balance, tolerance and justice. It prioritizes equal opportunities for all people regardless of differences in race, religion, gender, customs, and socioeconomic status.

What is cooperation?

The cooperation It is the set of actions or services carried out by one or more people or institutions with the same objective. It is the result of teamwork.

Cooperation is fundamental in life in society. It uses methods and the organization of tasks to achieve the common goal. For instance: a group of neighbors get together to paint the fronts of some houses blue to improve the appearance of the neighborhood.

In some cases, cooperation may arise from one person or group to contribute to the objective or need of another. For instance: a group of neighbors gather clothes and food for a neighbor and her family who have suffered from the fire in their house.

Examples of equity

  1. José is visually impaired and accesses free public education close to his home.
  2. Juan Manuel had a son and hopes to receive a paternity leave similar to that of his wife, Mirtha.
  3. Gloria worked more hours this month than her peers and will be paid overtime.
  4. Margarita and Rafael have the same job, the same responsibilities and both earn the same salary.
  5. Santiago attends a free public health center to treat his illness.
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Examples of reciprocity

  1. Jasmine receives a gift for answering a survey for a market research company.
  2. Soledad cares for a person admitted to a hospital because this person previously cared for her grandmother.
  3. Juan Cruz mows the lawn of a neighbor’s house because he took care of his house when he went on vacation.
  4. Carmela buys fruits at the supermarket and José makes a smoothie.
  5. Gabriela thanks him and tips the delivery that brought the food to her house.
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Examples of cooperation

  1. Juana and Micaela prepare the food to receive the guests on their birthday.
  2. Two countries sign a sustainability commitment agreement.
  3. One company joins the event held by another, with the aim of increasing dissemination.
  4. Several neighbors raise money to improve a square in the neighborhood.
  5. A group of friends collect money to help a sick friend.