20 Examples of Units of Measure

The measurement units they are instruments used to quantify different things, insofar as the numbers themselves only allow counting those separable things as units. Not everything that people intend to measure can be separated into units, not even adding the possibility of fractions: it is necessary in certain cases to introduce different measurement standards. For instance: meter, inch, kilogram, pound.

These units complement the scalar values, and generally constitute one or two words mentioned at the end of the number. The knowledge about units of measurement makes it possible to understand what kind of unit it is that we are talking about. However, within what is the measurement of a magnitude there are different expressions, which makes a conversion process necessary, of which knowledge is sometimes restricted to scientists who are experts on the subject.

That is why in what interests most of society, it is common for units of measurement to be presented in only one per area, within the same region: in any case, multiples of the same unit are presented, which do not constitute two different ones (grams, milligrams and kilograms are part of the same unit of measurement). When a person who does not know much about units of measurement travels to another place, it is common for him to have confusion in the quantification of quantities.

However, it has been agreed to introduce a International System of Units so that the world has a unique way of measuring certain magnitudes. It was then agreed to draw up a list of seven units of measurement: one for length, one for mass, one for time, one for electric current intensity, one for thermodynamic temperature, one for quantity of substance and one for light intensity.

Twenty examples of units of measurement will be detailed here, highlighting those that are part of the international system of units. For the other cases, the relationship established with the international one will be mentioned.

List of examples of 20 units of measure

  1. Subway. Measure of longitude, international system of units.
  2. Inch. A measure of length, where one meter equals 39.37 inches.
  3. Yard. A measure of length, where one meter equals 1.0936 yards.
  4. Feet. Measure of length, where a meter is approximately 3.2708 feet.
  5. Mile. A measure of length, where a meter is 0.00062 miles.
  6. Kilogram. Measure of mass, international system of units.
  7. Libra. A measure of mass, where a kilogram is 2.20462 pounds.
  8. Stone. Measure of mass, with 1 kilogram equal to 0.157473 stone.
  9. Ounce. A measure of mass, where a kilogram is 35.274 ounces.
  10. Second. Measure of time, international system of units.
  11. Liter. Measure of volume, commonly used.
  12. Centesimal degree. Angle measurement.
  13. Radian. Angle measure, where 1 centesimal degree is 0.015708 radians.
  14. US gallon. Volume measurement, equal to 3.78541 liters.
  15. Amp. Measurement of current intensity, international system of units.
  16. Kelvin. Thermodynamic temperature measurement, international system of units.
  17. Celsius degrees. Temperature measurement, estimated by Kelvin subtraction – 273.15.
  18. Fahrenheit degrees. Temperature measurement, estimated by the operation [ (Kelvin – 273,15) * 1,8 ] + 32.
  19. Mol. Measurement of quantity of substance, international system of units.
  20. Candle. Luminous intensity measurement, international system of units.