20 Examples of Stereotypes (classified)

The stereotypes are all those images accepted by the majority of a social group and characterized by being structured and static. In general, these images allude to the characteristics or traits of a certain group, for example: that all politicians are corrupt.

The creation of stereotypes is, of course, a simplification, and even in many cases its construction is totally unfounded, and they usually arise from prejudices.

Currently, with the existence of the media and the proliferation of social networks, it is even easier for these stereotypes to spread.

Examples of stereotypes

stereotypes of women and men

Here are some stereotypes by way of example:

  1. Nationality. It is very common to hear that Argentines are arrogant or pedantic people.
  2. Of genre. That women like pink and men, blue. This is why it is very common for newborn babies to be given clothes with colors according to their gender. In any case, in recent years this conception has been reversed and even some, to get out of this stereotype, choose to give away yellow or green clothing.
  3. Of religion. Another very common stereotype that occurs is that all Jews are merchants and greedy. In fact, in some dictionaries the word Jew appears as a synonym for “miser.”
  4. Of genre. That women are housewives and that they must take care of the children and household chores, while it is the man who must go out to work and provide for the family. Currently, this stereotype is being significantly reversed. In fact, in many university degrees that were previously associated with men, today the percentage of women is higher. In any case, there is talk of certain discrimination against women in the workplace, because it continues to happen that they earn less than men for occupying the same job.
  5. Labor. In many countries, perhaps because of their history, it is very common to have the idea that politicians are all corrupt and thieves. This has achieved that in many societies people choose not to get directly involved in politics and perhaps make a contribution to the community from other spheres, such as NGOs.
  6. Social. That all the poor are lazy. This is another very common prejudice, since many people believe that if these people worked they could get out of their situation. But perhaps, they do not take into account the difficulty they have in obtaining a stable position, because they lack education, have health problems or, because they have not directly acquired the work culture.
  7. Aspect. It is very common to hear that women with blonde hair are dumb, simply because of the color of their hair. In fact songs have been written about it.
  8. Old. Another stereotype that has been installed especially in recent years is that the elderly are useless, that they depend on others to live and that they are very unproductive. This causes them to be separated from society, to be accommodated in nursing homes and until they receive very poor pensions.
  9. Nationality. Especially in cartoons, comics or caricatures, it is very common to represent the French as if they all wore a black and white striped shirt, beret and mustaches.
  10. Labor. Due to the hours that the doctors spend outside their home, and the fact that they are on duty, there is a belief that they are all unfaithful and womanizers.
  11. Racial That Galicians are brutes. This has even led to countless jokes being made about it.
  12. Nationality. Some traits that are often attributed to people of American origin is that they are all consumers and that they eat excessively.
  13. Aspect. Another stereotype is that people who gain weight, or fat, are more likeable than those who have a more attractive image.
  14. Of genre. In the imagination of many societies there is the idea that girls like to play dolls and house, while boys prefer soldiers or the ball. Of course this is not the case, but they often play the same games together.
  15. Of religion. Another confusion that has spread is the idea of ​​believing that all Arabs practice the Muslim religion, when in fact this is not the case.
  16. Nationality. Germans are often associated with Nazism in movies or even in everyday conversation. Then they are usually classified as if they were all Nazis, when clearly this is not the case.
  17. Nationality. As with the French, who are represented with a striped shirt and beret, Mexicans are usually represented with mustaches and a Mexican hat, as if they all had the same appearance.
  18. Of religion. It is very common, perhaps because of the messages that are spread by the media and from the cinema, to determine that all Muslims are terrorists.
  19. Racial Another very common stereotype and considering blacks as good athletes, when there is no reason to think that a white person cannot perform as well.
  20. Nationality. The French are generally associated with romanticism. In other words, the French are all romantics.