25 Examples of Animal Courtship

The animal courtship or sexual courtship is the ritual practiced by members of some species of animals by means of which an individual, generally male, seduces a female of the same species to mate with her. Faced with this behavior, the female can receive it or reject it.

There are multiple mating rituals that vary according to each animal species and include different instinctual techniques: dances, gestures, songs, tests of strength and endurance, manifestations of affection. With these attitudes the animal seeks to seduce the couple to achieve the mating that has reproductive purposes. For instance: LMale peacocks attract females by spreading their colorful tail like a fan; male flamingos march and move their necks to attract the female.

flamingo - animal courtship

Courtship sends the brain of the male and female the specific command to mate, which generates an increase in sexual motivation and a decrease in the levels of aggressiveness of the male. The difference between the courtship rituals in each species allows similar or related species to remain isolated.

When selecting their mate, the females look for and distinguish the best attributes of the males of their species, to choose the option that guarantees a good genetic inheritance for their offspring.

Characteristics of animal courtship

  • Communication. It is a method of communication between two individuals of the same species.
  • Synchronization. Courtship makes it possible for many species to reproduce in relatively short periods of time.
  • Orientation. During courtship, many species sing louder than usual and the colors of their fur or feathers increase in intensity; This allows them to be seen or heard by others of the same species in order to carry out the sexual act.
  • Persuasion. Courtship encourages the female’s response to not be aggressive.
  • Answer. Each of the stages of courtship depends on the way in which each individual responds to courtship.

Examples of animal courtship

  1. Fiddler crabs. They are crustaceans that have large and powerful claws that they use to attract females and drive away other males of the same species.
  2. Penguins They are monogamous animals that choose a mate for life. The male inflates his chest and tilts his head back during courtship. Give the female a stone, if she accepts it, they memorize a song together to recognize each other.
  3. Blue footed booby. This bird, native to the American Pacific, has large legs of an intense blue color. For courtship, the male moves his legs and dances close to the female to conquer her.
  4. Fisher fish. This fish, when it finds a female, bites her. At that moment it releases enzymes that make it easier for both bodies to unite. The male then slowly disintegrates until only his testicles remain. It is the female who can use them to reproduce when she likes.
  5. Hippopotamus. The male, entering the courtship, climbs a mountain of manure. Then he distributes it with his tail. If he reaches a female hippopotamus, she will feel honored for such an act and will mate with that male.
  6. Dolphin. The male dances and performs pirouettes around the female whom he courts even for days. Finally, it will be the female who chooses the right candidate for her.
  7. Albatross. This bird performs a dance to attract the female. It includes grunts and the rubbing of their beaks.
  8. Porcupine The male begins courtship by raising his hind legs. He then urinates on the female, who has two options: either she rejects him by getting angry and biting the male, or she accepts the courtship.
  9. Locust. This animal abandons its exoskeleton during mating and then returns to it.
  10. Bird from paradise. During courtship, the male dances, jumps, and opens his feathers before the female.
  11. Swan. During courtship, the male moves his neck, turns with his head, makes sounds and plunges his head into the water several times.
  12. You had. They are hermaphroditic parasites. When two males meet, they fight until one of them wins. The one who has been defeated must abandon his status as a male and prepare for reproduction.
  13. Giraffe. The male giraffe begins courtship by hitting the back of the female until she begins to urinate. Males taste the urine to identify the female. The courtship continues with the rubbing of their necks.
  14. Hippocampus. They are monogamous animals, and unlike most animals, the male is the one who is fertilized. During courtship, they perform a dance and change color.
  15. Peacock spider. Like the peacock, the male when courting the female, unfolds the fin of its abdomen (endowed with strong yellow, blue and orange tones).
  16. Bug. During courtship, the male pierces the female’s abdominal cavity and inserts the sperm into the wound.
  17. Snake. Females attract males with their pheromones. Balls of male snakes form surrounding a female. Only one of them will manage to mate with her.
  18. Queen bee. The bee makes flights to mate and copulates with several males who die after sexual intercourse.
  19. Snail. It is a hermaphroditic animal. The courtship begins between two snails with harpoons and sperm fighting a duel. It may happen that one of the two dies, as the harpoons can pierce the heart or brain of the other.
  20. Scorpion. In courtship, male and female stab each other with their tails. After mating the female eats the male.
  21. Duck. They perform a dance procession where they move their neck and their wings around the female and seduce her with their plumage.
  22. Peacock. The male opens his colored feathers before the female who can choose that or another male who is also courting her.
  23. Canary. Male specimens sing to attract a female in heat, jump with great agility and spread their wings towards the ground.
  24. Gazebo bird. The male of this species builds a hut or gallery with branches. Also, you can use fruit juices to paint yourself as a courtship towards the female.
  25. Flemish. The ritual is performed simultaneously by all the members of the same colony. It consists of a dance in which they march, move their necks and make sounds to attract the female.