10 Examples of Informational Text

The informative texts They provide descriptions and data about reality, without including the emotions, opinions, points of view or wishes of its issuer. For example, an informational text could be a news item about the result of the presidential elections published in a newspaper the next day or the description of the French Revolution in a history manual.

These kinds of texts are found in magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, or study manuals. They can refer to current or past events.

Characteristics of informative texts

  • Its function is to facilitate the understanding of an event to the reader. To do this, include facts, descriptions, and data.
  • The language must be: precise (focused on a main topic and with the appropriate concepts), concise (the fundamental data must be included), clear (with simple wording and simple sentences).
  • They do not include opinion, arguments or tools to convince the recipient. They do not aspire to direct the position of the receiver but only intend to inform.

Structure of informative texts

  • Qualification. It is a brief and specific description of the topic that the text will address.
  • Introduction. It follows the text and provides more precise details on the subject alluded to in the title. The main elements that make up the message are listed.
  • Body. The elements and qualities of the content to be reported are developed. Information, ideas, and data on the subject are located in this part of the text.
  • conclusion. The author synthesizes the main idea of ​​the text and – if they exist – its resolutions. In addition, you can include some secondary ideas that the author intends to reinforce.

Types of informational texts

  • Specialized. They contain academic or technical language. They are aimed at a reader who already has enough knowledge or training to understand the content of the text. For example, a degree thesis or a scientific report.
  • Informative. Its language is accessible to any reader. Unlike the specialized ones, they do not target a specific reader with some training. For example, a newspaper article or the definition of a concept in an encyclopedia.

Examples of informational texts

  1. Nelson Mandela dies

The former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, has died at the age of 95, as reported by the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, adding that he has gone in peace at his home in Johannesburg, in the company of his family. The death occurred on Thursday at 8:50 p.m. local time, after a long convalescence from a lung infection. “Our nation has lost its father. Nelson Mandela brought us together and together we said goodbye to him, “Zuma said in a televised message to the entire nation …

(Newspaper article. Source: The World)

  1. Meaning of pandemic

F. Med. An epidemic disease that spreads to many countries or that affects almost all individuals in a locality or region.

(Dictionary. Source: RAE)

  1. The importance of research in learning

Research is an approach to teaching and learning that involves several important activities, many of which focus, in one way or another, on questioning. Students are asked to generate their own questions, investigate multiple sources of information, think critically to clarify or generate ideas, discuss their new ideas with others, and reflect on their initial questions and subsequent conclusions …

(Technical report. Source: Britannica)

  1. Frida Kahlo’s biography

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón was a Mexican painter, born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico. Known throughout the world for the suffering reflected in her works, which are based on her life and the various situations she had to face.

(Biography. Source: History-Biography)

  1. Regulation of the Chamber of Deputies

Article 1 – Within the first ten days of December of each year, the Chamber of Deputies will be summoned by its president for the purposes of proceeding with its constitution and the election of its authorities in accordance with the provisions of article 2 Of this regulation.

(Regulation. Source: HCDN)

  1. Seafood paella

To start, chop the onion, garlic and peppers into very small cubes. Cook them in a container of approximately 40 cm in diameter with a little oil until the vegetables turn color, approximately 10 minutes.

(Cooking recipe. Source: Alicante)

  1. Excessive daytime sleepiness in adults

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is best described as the urge to sleep during the day. It is a common problem that occurs at least 3 days a week, in 4-20% of the population, affecting quality of life and job performance, with implications for safety, for example, when driving.

(Medical article. Source: Intramed)

  1. How to Make an Origami Crane – A Tradition in Japan

Prepare your origami (a square sheet of paper).

Fold one corner to meet the other diagonally to form a triangle.

Fold the triangle in half …

(Instructions. Source: Matcha-jp)

  1. Zoom user manual

Step 1: Go to (https://zoom.us) and select “Sign in”.

Step 2: Select “Sign Up Free”

Step 3: Enter your email …

(User manual. Source: Ubu)

  1. Russian Revolution

The term Russian Revolution (in Russian, Русская революция, Rússkaya revoliútsiya) groups together all the events that led to the overthrow of the imperial tsarist regime and the prepared installation of another, Republican Leninist, between February and October 1917, which led to the creation of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

(Encyclopedic article. Source: Wikipedia)