Examples of Reptiles

The reptiles They are cold-blooded vertebrate animals that crawl or drag their bodies along the ground. For instance: the snake, the alligator, the lizard, the turtle.

They are mostly carnivorous animals that are characterized by their resistant skin covered with scales that has different shapes, colors and sizes. Most reptiles live on land and have also adapted to life in water. They are ectothermic organisms, since they are not capable of generating their own internal heat.

Reptiles have very short legs in proportion to their body, although there are reptiles like the snake, which lack legs so they drag their bodies to move.

Characteristics of reptiles

  • They are cold-blooded animals, which distinguishes them from mammals.
  • They are ectothermic. They are exposed to the sun when they need to raise their temperature; and they take refuge in burrows, in the water or in the shade when they need to cool down.
  • They are very primitive animals, it is believed that they arose during the Mesozoic era.
  • They have a respiratory system with lungs.
  • They reproduce sexually through internal fertilization.
  • They are oviparous animals, they reproduce by laying eggs.
  • They communicate through sounds by the vibrations they receive from the ground.
  • They are solitary animals, they do not usually move in groups.
  • Most are predators, as they hunt for their own food.
  • Most are carnivores, such as boas and crocodiles, but there are some herbivorous species such as the turtle.
  • Most reptile species have become extinct, including dinosaurs.
  • There are several endangered species such as the desperate leaf chameleon, the Colombian dwarf lizard and the spider tortoise.

reptiles - creeping animals

Examples of reptiles

AligátoreSatanic Leaf Tail Lizard
AnacondaLizard Tizon
Green basiliskVarano lizard
Boa constrictorGreen lizard
AlligatorFlying lizard
CobraGila monster
CrocodileBlack mamba
Iranian crocodilePiton
Nile crocodileBurmese python
Marine crocodileGarter snake
Blind shinglesCopperhead snake
Komodo dragonRattlesnake
Iberian skinkStupid turtle
European pond turtleSea turtle
Tokay geckoBlack tortoise
Rhinoceros iguanaSulcata tortoise
green IguanaTuátara
LizardCantabrian viper
Atlantic lizardSnout viper
Kingy lizard Yacaré
Ocellated lizardYacaré overo

reptile examples

Examples of extinct reptiles

Delcourt Gecko
Arcanosaurus ibericusHupehsuchus
Lapitiguana impensa
Borikenophis sanctaecrucisNavajodactylus
Cartorhynchus lenticarpusPalaeosaniwa
Tenerife land tortoiseAtlas tortoise
Giant tortoise of Gran CanariaTitanoboa